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Saturday Evening Post

Warner Brothers The Wizard of Oz

Normally, the SEP is a break from the action for news and commentary from the week. Not this Saturday. Grab a cuppa. The strong stuff is on the table. Snuggle into a rocker. You might even want a blanket. Let’s talk.

It Never Wears Off

Queen Red Dwyer

Drugs are not my first choice. Frankly, they rank somewhere on the third or fourth sheet of choices rather than the top ten. I despise pills and medicines. I was reminded of why this weekend.

Muse for Monday

Railroad tracks conjure many images. What does it bring to mind for you? Freight cars laden for colder climes? Tanker cars? Vagabonds and tramps? The caboose?

Saturday Evening Post

I am too ill to be able to wrap my brain around what has occurred. Clyde will not make an appearance tonight. The wind is cold. So is my soul.

Not Without You

It is time to MAD. If you never thought you could make a difference, never thought you could change the world, never thought you could be a hero…you were not looking in the right place. It is right here and right now.