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No, Pank You… A Top Ten

For the upteen-hundredth time, I have been asked to be a teacher. At some point, nearly everyone who sees me more than twice realizes every time I engage with the public, someone learns something. Years of experience and exposure means I have a lot to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

What you read…

fill in the bubble

In terms of tests which leave a lot to be desired, the reading comprehension test ranks near the top.

Dear Teachers

A Month of Letters

To the instructors in my life,

Saturday Evening Post

What a wild and wonderful week! Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Clyde has his dander up about reading. Yes, reading. The rain seems to have stopped for now, so I’ll turn on the fans. Let’s talk.

Saturday Evening Post

spoon on nose

Week, schmeek. Clyde is foaming at the mouth. Want to keep the news to a minimum? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. We will be done before the espresso is cool.