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Mantra's Book of ShadowsEver want to rant, but not come across as a raving wacko? This is right up your alley.

Twelve reasons why this book of poetry will touch you and have you nodding your head along the way.

1. Mantra is known for a slightly acerbic commentary on human society delivered with either charm or humor.

2. Poke your finger into such concepts as reality television, Mayan December, obits and eulogies.

3. Realize there is an entire chapter of Words You Cannot Take Back.

4. Pastoral poems, such as Mating Season, use animal concepts we know to be true to illustrate how human animals are doing it wrong.

5. Laugh along with funny deliveries. I’m Too Tired is set to the tune of One, Two, Buckle my Shoe.

6. Do you know a Star Gazer? One who wishes for impossible things when they see a comet streak across the night sky?

7. Like all other Mantra poetry, there is a layer you cannot miss. If you want more, read it a second time. There is always more, even after the second time.

8. Have you ever considered our lives are filled with Dirt & Water? The last chapter is devoted to it.

9. Can you own up to Revisionist History? Mantra says we all do it, and she has proof.

10. Side with Mother Nature in a poignant look at how “natural disasters” are an oxymoron.

11. Instead of counting the ways to “love thee”, Mantra counts the ways to “hate thee”.

12. What happens when you purposefully put a plank in your eye? Find out in this book.

Baker’s Dozen

The following is an excerpt from the prologue:

. . . Life is not always as it seems.

Through the verse, step into a world where you will recognize the hobgoblins which plague the weary mind, the lonely heart and the ragged soul. They are the demons and fiends who stroll the sunlit sidewalks and promenades seeking to feast on the weak of spirit. . . .

Know this: You will be changed.”

If you do not already have a copy, grab Mantra’s Book of Shadows from RedmundPro. If you need the set, they are on sale until New Year’s Eve. When you read it, come back and leave a review!

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  1. I like your style. You’re a natural. <3
    Tess recently posted..100-word Challenge for Grownups – Week #158My Profile

  2. I love how you are doing these! Perfectly rendered for each book.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..This Is NOT St. Louis County, Missouri Prosecutor Robert McCulloch First “Racist Rodeo.”My Profile

  3. Everyone should be
    reading this book of
    poems 🙂

    I for one certainly like your style in promoting your great works, and of course for being such a lovely lady with it, but then you always are lovely my sweet friend 🙂

    Have a wonderful Thursday Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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