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Versatile Blogger AwardGuess who has been slacking… again. I have some long overdue awards to share from the lovely Deb of Adams Art and Andy from Dragoney Story. Good thing these do not have an expiration date. Want to know how I know?

Deb has around a bagillion awards at her place. Absolutely enough awards to wallpaper a large bathroom. Why? She is a talented artist who spends a good deal of time reading blogs from all over the blogosphere. And she is not afraid to leave you a comment telling you what you wrote was funny, beautiful, scary, pick an adjective.

As an added bonus, she creates fabbo artwork like this:

Drifting by Debbie Adams

If you missed the earlier link, click on the picture to run over to Deb’s to check out all the cool things she has to offer (and sell!!).

Then, we have Andy. Dedicated father to the cutest daughter, photographer of beautiful and inspiring things and places, supportive blog reader and genuine to the core. He brings his story to you, poetry, inspirational quotes and some fantastic personal experiences as well. This is from a date with his daughter:

Andy & #1 Daughter

If you missed his link above, click on the picture and see what he is up to today.

Still Fresh

Since the Versatile Blogger Awards Deb and Andy gave me are still green, it is safe to assume they are still fresh. It is not that kind of green which grows in the refrigerator after about six weeks.

Rules are attached to this one…Seven secrets, seven blogs, lots of love for the blogger(s) who sent it to you. Yes, I know this one is supposed to be awarded to 15 bloggers, but I have a surprise in store for you later. Today, we are sending the award along in a left over, but still fresh, Easter Eggs to seven blogs.

Secrets & Winners

While I use [expletive] more than most other blogs, as in it is getting to be a search term for M3, lots of others have no such filter. I happen to like going to those places. They do not seem to mind if the conversation gets colorful. Some of the winners tonight are those hangouts of mine.

First Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Apocalypse to Zoo Challenge VBA

If I voted in the poll, I would be the one who said Ugh to writing prompts. I am so opposed to the idea the A to Z challenge is stifling my creativity. And I am only up against one letter! I have already blown the rest of the rules off with a snow blower.

The nominee for the Apocalypse to Zoo Challenge is Rachael from YoYo Dyne Propulsion Systems ~ Reno Division, whose entry into the madness was 100% my fault. Fortunately, (for me) she has no qualms about us using sailor talk in the comments.

Second Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Archie Bunker VBA

I have made no secret about the fallout from PTSD which irritates what would otherwise be a storybook (no snickering in the back) life. What I have not revealed is the daily struggle to face the screen. There are days when I cannot string eight words into a sentence. On those days, I quote Archie Bunker…with a giant raspberry.

The nominee for the Archie Bunker VBA is Raymond from Incoming Bytes. He is another participant in this year’s A to Z Challenge. His take on the entire affair is eclectic and funny. I hope I am invited back next year! Can you hear it?

Third Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Dear Red VBA

People come to me for advice almost as often as they come to tell me I have no business giving advice (see Friday Follies tab under the header for a load of examples). Some days, I cheat. I send the advice seekers to others. There are quite a few blogs I ship these non-hatemailers off to for their reading edification. Do not be surprised if it is your blog.

The nominee for the Dear Red VBA is MC, which is short for Mystery Coach. She is busy with a new job but still manages to give damn good advice, complete with sailor talk, in her role as a life coach. Oh, this is your no liquid in the mouth warning.

Fourth Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Laughing VBA

If epiphany struck with the same regularity as laughter, I would be an universal genius. At least once per day, sometimes a handful of times, I break out into a case of the giggles, a complete pealing set of snickers or a side-splitting, belly-hurting guffaw. I love to laugh.

The nominee for the Laughing VBA is Lizzie from Running Naked With Scissors. Her mental moments are just the ticket when I cannot find a giggle under the stones around here. Be sure to check out her art as well. Girl’s got talent. ‘Nuff said.

Fifth Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Firsts VBA

Little Bear is profoundly autistic, no secret there. He has been non-verbal for years. In the last few months, we have seen an inordinate amount of progress in the firsts department. Jingle Bells has become an anthem. Bye-bye is no longer an accident. Pasta is no longer the enemy. And the cabbage patch is the dance step done most often in the bathroom mirrors.

The nominee for the Firsts VBA is McKenzie from Mommy Said A Swear Word. She has been awfully busy with Vi and hubs and houses, but manages to take the filter off some of the gradu served up by simply telling it like it is…sailor talk included.

Sixth Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Super Hero VBA

When all my friends were wanting a pony, I was riding the World Class Champion of both 1968 and 1969. Council Chief was a very tall, black Appaloosa stallion. He could cut anything out of the herd…including my sisters. He was like my own personal jet, my side kick and my conspirator all rolled into one.

The nominee for the Super Hero VBA is Tom of Me! Me! Me, me, me! At the Aqua Mansion, you will find great entertainment, breathtaking grinds and the occasional visitor from another galaxy. No tin foil hat required, optional, but not required.

Seventh Secret Winner

Versatile Blogger Award

Machine Gun VBA

As much as I would love to whip posts out of my keyboard in the style Andy calls machine gun blogging, I absolutely cannot do it. Before I get to the end of any post, I have made two dozen comments, visited at least a dozen blogs, answered a handful of email, answered the BlackBerry, fed someone something, made another pot of coffee and derailed my train of thought at least three times.

The Machine Gun VBA goes to someone who does not do traditional award shows. Androgoth of A Ghoulishly Exciting Read… Why does he get one? When the rest of us A to Z fools were posting G, he was posting O. You do the math.


This award show was brought to you compliments of Deb and Andy. Remember to show some love to them when you venture past the receiving line. Deb is in the amazing blue sheath, and Andy is sporting a cheeky red tie.


Congratulations to all the winners. M3 Readers, I hope you find some lovely new blogs to haunt. Please be sure to tip your waitresses. They could all use a new pair of shoes and a visit to the psychologist for agreeing to work here.

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  1. HAHAHA! I’m funneee? … Yes, I do give a damn, damn it… 🙂 It’s exhausting you know. See? Now I was gonna have a whole new site and NOW I have to think about it all over again.

    Anyway, thank you for this nice surprise!

    I’m also really happy to hear I make you laugh… 🙂 S’totally true… 🙂 THAT is the best award ever.

  2. I can’t think of a better way to start my blogging day than to see someone get an award. But you, Red, are most deserving of just about any award I’ve seen out there….You’re funny, clever, outgoing, friendly, sharp, talented and a super mom. I’m sure I left out a few great words, but words are more your department than mine….You’re one of the greatest bloggers that I can think of.
    Thank you for the lovely mention too, Red. You always say such nice things….thank you.
    Have a great day!
    Deb recently posted..Charcoal Drawing: My MotherMy Profile

    • Red

       /  April 17, 2012

      Oh, sweetie, you are far too kind! I have a few more things up my sleeve over the course of the next two weeks, I hope you will like 😉 {HUGZ} xxx

  3. At least you get more than hate mail. It is so awful to be so popular. 🙂
    Derek Mansker recently posted..The Lord has taken your sin away!My Profile

    • Red

       /  April 17, 2012

      *Giggles* If you only knew precisely how far behind I am with these things!!!

  4. Congratulations, Red. I hope this doesn’t go to your head though, and make you start demanding higher quality comments.
    Binky recently posted..Learning to DoMy Profile

    • Red

       /  April 17, 2012

      LOL! We do awards around here all the time when I am not doing some challenge which is hogging up a post a day…Sheesh. I am never going to catch up.

  5. I always love to watch you handle awards, you do it with such panache.
    valentinelogar recently posted..Train WreaksMy Profile

  6. Thanks, Red!!! <3
    McKenzie recently posted..So, you’re pregnant.My Profile

  7. Excellent!

  8. What a delightful treat my great friend and although I do not follow these awards, well you know 🙂

    I accept this VBA in the style of your ‘Machine Gun Blogging’ label and accept it with a BIG THANK YOU 🙂 😉

    It was a hefty challenge but
    I certainly enjoyed it nonetheless 🙂

    Have a truly wonderful rest of evening Red and thank you again for your sweet Award, it’s wicked 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Red

       /  April 20, 2012

      I had hoped you would like this one. With you still being private, I knew I could not link to you, but still wanted you to get one. You deserve it for your hard work in the accelerated A to Z. 😉

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