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Saturday Evening Post

In a week where I could not get my sleepometer full, much has happened. Clyde is primed, so grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. You might need a big one to celebrate your gift. Let’s talk.


It is the time when the children are on a sugar high which may subside in time for summer vacation, wrapping paper is everywhere, the thought of taking down the tree is cause to drink a little eggnog in your liqueur and we sit back and think about the gifts the year held. Wait. What […]

Versatile Versatility

Versatile Blogger Award

Guess who has been slacking… again. I have some long overdue awards to share from the lovely Deb of Adams Art and Andy from Dragoney Story. Good thing these do not have an expiration date. Want to know how I know?

Gold Stars

After so very stinking much talk about divorce, I thought it was high time I passed around some more positive thoughts besides merely what not to do. This post is very much geared toward what TO do. Let’s put some gold stars out, shall we?

Anyone got a light?

Over the last two weeks, I have gotten a few awards, which I have been sitting upon whilst I was on vacation (and because I did the awards thing between Christmas and New Year’s). Plus, I am so behind in my reading (I would blame vacation, but blame is such an ugly word.) which helps me […]