Wombies’ Beach Party

Deb and a wisdom of the Wombies are planning a beach party. Fraz parked the pirate ship just off the beach, and the beach house has been officially open now for a few months. The Wombies are playing in the surf, and Twink is…wait, what?

Let’s start at the beginning…

Wombies are genetically-engineered wombats meant to be the world’s greatest house pet. Dr. Franco, the Wombie’s creator, had a bad experience with a Chihuahua. (No relation to Beau.) Wombania hosts Twink, Binky, Winky and Fraz, but there are a host of Wombies which have been adopted by bloggers…Red included.

The lovely and talented Deb, from Debbie Adams Art & Blog, adopted a pair of Wombies named Dinky and Tinky. It was not long before they were off to the beach with Deb. Since Wombies are inquisitive and get into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g., Deb soon realized it would be best if they had their own beach house.

Since Binky is the eldest of the Wombies, he is in charge of the Wombie beach house.

As you can clearly see, Deb’s Wombies and the clan from Wombania are all enjoying the beach house she painted for them. Sounds great, eh? Well, it sounds great to Claret and Bruno as well. The two of them took it upon themselves to get dressed and ready for surfing and sunning, Twink’s pancakes and Fraz’s barbecue Spam burgers.

I walked into the dining room this morning to find this:

You have to give Bruno credit for finding and applying the sunscreen. He really does not want to burn his nose while he is out in the surf. Claret packed her sun hat, sunscreen, beach towels, eight cans of Spam (for the trip there), three bags of wine gums and the small bag is filled with chocolate bars.

Claret has designs on swapping recipes with Twink and going shopping for beach wear with Tinky. Bruno is looking to challenge Fraz to a surfing contest. He is hoping Fraz agrees to let the winner sail the pirate ship for a day. So, it looks like we are visiting Deb to  let the Wombies play on the beach. I best get packing…


Take a sail over to Wombania and to Deb’s island and beach houses. The party is just beginning. Who else has Wombies going to the beach?

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Image of beach house painting (c) Debbie Adams
Image of original Wombies (c) Peter Marinacci
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  1. I hope Deb and the island are ready for the Wombie invasion. Bruno and Claret are sure to have a wonderful time meeting all the other Wombies and partaking in all the activities. They can have a tour of my rocket lab as well, and even help me launch some rockets come the weekend.

    Thanks, Red!
    Binky recently posted..World’s Best Garage SaleMy Profile

  2. Deb Adams and Wombania are the coolest. When they collide, magic happens. Thanks so much for giving them the spotlight, Red!
    George Ford recently posted..What’s Eating You Now?My Profile

  3. I’ve seen Deb’s page before & yes, I really do like her art. I like how there are not defined lines, but merges of shapes, for beings – if you know what I mean. & I love her colours.
    Noeleen recently posted..DRINK DRIVINGMy Profile

    • I do! It makes her art evoke feeling rather than merely definition. If you have not seen her parrot, you should. It is a marriage of both the colors, shapes and fantastic definition in the eye which makes it great.

  4. Oh wow! Looks like were in for a real party for the Wombies! This will be so much fun. Wait!!! I have to make a quick run to the store to get a a few carts full of their favorite snacks!
    Bruno and Claret look adorable in their beachwear.
    Oh Bruno…I think you did a good job at putting the sunblock on. It’s best to put it on extra heavy anyway.
    Red, you did a fantastic job on this post…and thank you very much for the links to the beach houses where there is always room for all the Wombies and their parents!
    Much love,
    Deb xx
    Deb recently posted..Twink Paints a Self PortraitMy Profile

    • Tenacious little thing he is! They are already in bed, but they may well be commenting tomorrow. 😉 Glad you liked this one, Deb <3 {HUGZ} Red. xxx

  5. Hey never mind all the Wombies let’s just keep the Zombies in those cages or they will eat ALL of our freshly made pancakes, actually they will eat anything that moves too so watch out for that 🙁

    A wickedly fine posting Red now where are all those yummy chocolates and wine gums? 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Doctor Franco should have made them with the ability and desire to wash windows.
    Bearman recently posted..Tom and Katie Jump the CouchMy Profile

    how Cute are They …? 🙂
    supah cute ….:)

    well done DEB and PETER – i mean BINKY……!!!!!!
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful RED …..

    It’s so wonderful when the sun shines on people that care about what they do – so much 🙂
    lovely lovely homage
    and Bruno and Claret – well they are divine in their suits 🙂
    Violet and Daisy have run away to the beach house now …..! They are super independent ….:)

    They wanted “More Wombie time ” with their friends- lol

    all hail Wombies 🙂 xo
    love xo
    Cat !!!!!!
    Supah post xoxoxoxoxoxo
    my fave sooooo far 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Cat Forsley recently posted..What I’ve learned from my favourite artists . Cat Forsley ©My Profile

    • We need to get them all together in their swim gear for a trip to Wombania! <3

      • Thanks, Cat!
        Wombies like to have fun at the beach during the summer. So that’s their ideal vacation. You just might not see much of them for a while, though.
        Binky recently posted..World’s Best Garage SaleMy Profile

      • That would be a great image
        the whole gang in all their assorted swimwear fashions 🙂 lol 🙂
        very cute 🙂 xoxoxoxo
        I see Binky down there – Hi Binky !!!!!!!!!!
        have a great Night at the beach and i was thinking you are like the PAPA Smuf of the WOMBIES ….xx
        but cooler ……. watch over them ….:)
        I have just heard word from Violet and daisy …..
        They said that they are partying it up and roasting spam by the campfire 🙂
        yeeeehawwwwww 🙂
        Goodnight my friends
        have a lovely one
        Cat Forsley recently posted..What I’ve learned from my favourite artists . Cat Forsley ©My Profile

  8. Lord you gotta love them Wombies!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Monday – A trip to the Co-Op.My Profile

  9. Wombies are just the best and what is even better is the angels who have adpoted some of them are he sweetest people …it is always fun in Wombie land…very cute post Red. Love all the fun you guys are having with Wombies 🙂
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..if a=4 and b=5 then what is zzz ?My Profile

    • I have to get busy with making harem outfits for them. They are headed to Cha’s for a Moroccan adventure. One of these days, you will adopt a pair of your own <3 xxx

  10. What will they think of next? I can hardly keep up with my grandkids’ Moshi Monsters and Little Ponies. Tee Hee.
    Tess Kann recently posted..IS a Picture WORTH a Thousand Words?My Profile


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