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Bo Lumpkin (1950-2013)

Bo Lumpkin

The M3 Blog is quiet today. It is time to show respect for Bo Lumpkin. You may recognize him from his comics, his caricature or his comments.

Spam Crime?

Every little kid who has been to a factory wants to ride the conveyor. Wombies are no different. Well, maybe a little, but let’s go with it.

Wombie Heaven in Minnesota

Minnesota Rocks

Minnesota was a terrific place to go. Amazing places to get together. Terrific people to meet. Fun to be had. Oh, and spam.

Going Broke for Charity

It is one thing to give to charity. It is something else entirely to give someone else’s money to charity. What do you have to lose?

Adoption Perks

Everyone should be used to seeing Claret and Bruno around M3. People in South Carolina are being to see Wombies.