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ABC MagnetsThe building blocks of language… letters. The alphabet is the beginning of recording our thoughts and what we have to say. Take a look at what Mantra did with the alphabet. This is her version of the ABCs.


Alone you will never be with me here

Because you are the very best friend

Confidante, companion, all ’round good egg.

Deep within your soul is happiness,

Even when you wear a frowning sneer.

From dawn ’til dusk, you shine light,

Grabbing the world to give it a shake.

Heart so big, it keeps safe all held dear,

In the midst of temper-tossed seas.

Joy lights your eyes with firework bursts,

Keeping a twinkle e’en when in a snit.

Laughter is genuine and delightful to hear,

Making me giggle or just shake my head.

Nightfall brings visions of hand-in-hand strolls

On a boardwalk, which has gotten lost.

Perhaps it’s okay, we can’t get there from here.

Quietly nestled, paused in each other’s arms.

Resting together, in wondrous repose.

Sleeping soundly to wake beside you at dawn,

The sunrise chasing out nightmarish fear.

Under a cloudless sky, we stop to smell

Violets and roses, clumped sweetly by our path.

Wet with dew and shimmering with beams,

Xylem supporting such delicate dreams.

You make me laugh and think ’til I’m totally

Zapped, and say… “I love you, truly.”



Merry Monday from me, M3 and the mischievous Mantra.

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  1. A delighful poem on love and relationships. Love it!

    ~ Matt

  2. That was amazing.

  3. You actually did that in a poetic form. Not a lot of people can carry that off. Aside from the alphabet skills, this was a great poem. Is it about Mantra or another?

    • This one is by Mantra, but for me about Bear. I read relationship all over it and naturally apply it to mine 🙂

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