It was this day in history, just one long year ago, M3 was born. Welcome to the blogoversary post!

First, have a large slice of bruised pie. This one has chocolate crust, but there are a few with Graham cracker crumb crust.

We made loads. Claret and Bruno have a table set up for all the Wombies and Tasmanians with Spambo Wambos, pancakes and a huge bowl of wine gums. The haunted house is made entirely of chocolate bars and truffles.

Cash and Beau have a huge bowl of bones for the dogs, and Little V has some special sweet veggies for the turtles.

While you eat, we are going to do a quick run down of what you have endured M3 did in its first year.

Posts: 670

  • Mantra’s Madness: 93 posts; 99 poems; 1.2 books
  • Psychology: Blogging A to Z Challenge, April 2012
  • 8 series
  • 4 Musicians (No one liked this.)
  • 45 Writer’s Spotlights
  • 40 MAD posts (These are retiring.)
  • 43 Friday Follies
  • 49 Saturday Evening Posts, 26 featuring Clyde
  • 19 Flash in the Pan (plus two pages)

Regardless of outside opinion, Tuesday has always had a theme. Since no title ever presented itself, it is still my little secret. Even if there are around five M3 Readers who know what it is.

Pages: 28

Comments: Over 18,000 (I will have to update this when the post goes live. Someone remind me to check.)

What amazing conversations we have had! We have taken personality tests; decided how to and not to get married to and divorced from Mate and family; learned to make cheap sauce; had parties; gone on field trips…whew, it is all a mouthful.

Email Followers: 345

RSS Followers: 51

Facebook Fans: 478

Words: 576,941 (before this post)

Roman for million.

This year’s goal was to get to 1,000,000 words. Needless to say, that goal will not be reached. Instead, I wrote a few books to the tune of an additional 234,301 words.

Since the move (05MAR12), there have been 327,689. That is when I cut back to one post a day, on average… and started with wordless posts. I am not seeing another 189K in the next two months. Still too much coding to do.

Meh. Not bad.

Green Room Inhabitants: 162, with more than 240 blogs

This page creates the second largest bounce for me. I love that.

Time out of the blogosphere: 16 hours, 8 minutes. 99.8% up time. We brought down the Go Daddy curve, but still not shabby.

Spam blocked: A lot

  • Akismet: 17,807
  • GASP: Countless

I have not included a large number from the WordPress site. When I dismantled the old M3, apparently, I took the spam with me. Go figure. The record, which was lost in the move, was over 4,500 spam comments for the month of January. There are much fewer now that spammers must pass through a filter before they get to Akismet.

This is very popular.

Images: 939, most stolen at least once. Two stolen more than 10,000 times… each.

Referrers: Thousands

While search engines and social networks account for a lot of the traffic which is not directly from email, bookmark and just plain typing in the address here, there are some bloggers who have directed readers to M3. The top ten are:

  1. Androgoth
  2. Wombania
  3. Deb Adams (Art & Blog)
  4. Gail Thornton’s World
  5. Bearman Cartoons
  6. Noeleen (Words Fall From My Eyes)
  7. Robert (Refrigerator Magnate)
  8. Kirsten (A Detailed House)
  9. Aquatom (Me! Me! Me, me, me!)
  10. Valentine Logar (QBG ~ Tilted Tiara)

You are the ones who make this completely worthwhile. There are many, many other very helpful blogs who send readers to M3. I just had to stop somewhere. Thank you to everyone who has a link to M3 on their blog.

Many more thanks to all of you who have sent posts via all of the social media channels, Rebel Mouse, Sitizens, YouTube, and the list could go on and on.

Traffic: Millions

My reliable traffic statistics only run from 05MAR12 to the present, just shy of eight months. Raw traffic, which includes bots and crawlers, is over three million:


And page views are a little over 1.2 million (click to enlarge either):

WordPress stats can eat my shorts.

I really would like to get to an average of 10,000 page views per day. I am doubting without cutting out a lot of what you and I like about M3, that is not likely to happen without a blitzkrieg across the blogosphere of pointing right here all on the same day. I can still dream.

Polls: 39

You should vote on whether or not we do polls next year. We had some fun ones!

Click here to go see who you know!

Awards: Oodles.

51 awards are posted in the Trophy Room. There are three more which M3 has been awarded which are lurking in the folder for this quarter. While they are first year awards, I will not present them for a while still. On average, M3 is awarded something once per week.

M3 has handed out more than 500 awards to other blogs during this year. There are more special prizes to come next year.

Pass me some pie.

So, enough about me. What about you? I cannot say it often enough. The M3 Readers are the most spectacular audience in the blogosphere. You are the reason I do this.

You have helped M3 discover its identity; tailor content for you; reach for more and become more.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the best first year.

Red Signature


Do you have any special requests for next year? Is there a goal you would like to see M3 attempt? How can I make your stay more pleasant?

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  1. All of the above (or will it be, below?) comments express so eloquently exactly what I feel, having found Red and her Space. Love it, love it! Am cutting back elsewhere, but hope to be here more in the future.

    • LOL! You get to start a new page! Thank you, too. I do hope you will be able to get ’round here and RP a bit more. Fun and exciting things going on everywhere 😉 xxx

  2. I hope this anniversary party is still going on! I couldn’t get anywhere last night with the storm affecting my internet connection.

    I don’t even think I’ve been here a year, yet it seems much longer.

    I’m glad I’ve been able to send you some traffic. Those little Wombies are a curious folk.
    Binky recently posted..Fall Fair Pumpkin KingMy Profile

  3. Well, I almost missed this with all that has been going on these days. I have appreciated the variety of things here and the conversation. You have done well! Congratulations. I never stole a picture from you, just want you to know that. 🙂
    Derek Mansker recently posted..The Tipping PointMy Profile

    • LOL! Hope you are all safe and dry. Thank you! I have been trying to ‘splain to ppl about the images, but that still requires READING the posts 😉

      • Reading the posts! That is what I don’t like about the WP ‘like’ button, at least at times. Some people read the posts and click like. Others just like it so that I go to their website. I can tell the difference pretty easily. — Also, we had some wind, rain and some trees go down, but were spared the worst of the storm. Some people on the south side of the Cape had more erosion, coastal damage. (i.e. dock houses destroyed etc) I don’t live on the beach, so I don’t have those issues.
        Derek Mansker recently posted..The Tipping PointMy Profile

        • I specifically did not want the WP like button when I moved. I had more than a dozen ppl who would like from the reader and never ever read the posts. From the reader you only get an excerpt. Bats. Glad things were not so bad there. My children are beginning to get power back today. One daughter has been out since Saturday.

          • Having multiple days without power is no picnic. We were out for 5 days last year with Tropical Storm Irene. It is enough to make a person (or all of us) go crazy. We made it, but had to eat a lot of ice cream before it melted. — What a tragedy.
            Derek Mansker recently posted..The Tipping PointMy Profile

          • I think I might shed a tear for that…wait…no. *giggles*

  4. I know I’m late to the party, as usual, but I hope you had a stupendously wonderful Anniversary celebration, Red! Here’s to many more fantastic years of excellent bloggery. 😀
    George Ford recently posted..Anti-Social NetworkingMy Profile

    • Never late to the party around here. We have one going on most of the time 😉 Thank you! Great to see you!


    Wow, you and me both started blogging about the same time.

    BIG wow, to see how much you’ve achieved. You truly are amazing, Red.
    Noeleen recently posted..Where this path it leads, I will goMy Profile

  6. Good Golly look at this place! Leave it to me to wander in when the lampshades are all over the place and the food is cold and … ah well Im here 🙂 I love it here – did I tell you i have a Pinterest Board called My favorite virtual hangouts and I typically share there because I have had my Twitter hacked and know my issues with G+ but I am getting that fixed and – amazing absolutely amazing… and cheery and warm and friendly and how about
    I dunno I like things the way they are …. don’t go changin to try and please me, da da dada dadaaaaaaaaa oooo ooo oo o o I love you just the way you are. and M3 too (its a party did you know I break out in song randomly usually cause it emarrasses the gaggle but its a party and I covered nicely that I forgot the words right? now? oh well I remembered the important ones. .. but if I think of something I will let you know.. 😀

    Congratulations and here is to many more years of your wisdom wit and wealth of information..

    Um… who is that snoring over there in the corner disguised as a lamp with mustache and eyebrows drawn in in sharpy pen? uh…never mind I saw nothing… and what is a wine dam?

    Much Love my friend this is amazing you are amazing and I love you
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic MDay; A tornado, a volcano and a hurricaneMy Profile

    • I love you, too, Lizzie. Wine gums are a Canadian candy that are something like JuJuBees. I am working on getting some for the Wombies (and the kiddles) here. It is a staple for Wombies 😉

      Not sure who that is, but I am guessing the sleep is pretty good 😉 Song is good. I am sooooooooo not good at it. I remember the words, just cannot sing to save my hide. 😉

      So very glad you made it to the party. We are firing the grill back up in a few, so shall we toss on a burger or brat for you? <3

  7. Happy Blogoversary Red 🙂
    Only one year but already this big…that’s amazing!!
    Novroz recently posted..The Mighty Boosh Series 1 (2004) – I Am So In Love With This ShowMy Profile

    • Oh, thank you, Nov <3 I am so glad you made it to the party! And yeah, I kinda stay busy around here 😉 xxx

  8. Congrats :). It’s hard to believe its been a year already. I’m amazed at all you’ve accomplished here! Does your stat reader pick up those of us who follow via google reader? Btw, I always go to the actual post to read. Google just keeps me better organized. What a year it has been!
    Angela Young recently posted..Whose plan are you following?My Profile

    • It tells me how many are using the reader feed, but not which posts they open. You have to come here for me to get a head count 😉 Organization is a good thing!

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