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Dear M3 Readers

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This one is only for you.


It was this day in history, just one long year ago, M3 was born. Welcome to the blogoversary post!

Yoke Doffed

The A to Z Challenge is over. (Click the link if you missed one or a bunch.) Some of your reactions and suggestions were simply amazing. No, not that Friday Follies kind of amazing. The I never really thought the M3 Readers would think of it that way kind of amazing.

Detour And Back

Based on the growth of our audience, we are not going to begin the next series with this post. There is far too much information to process based on the Talk Tuesday conversation. As always, you have provided some amazing material for me to research and digest into palatable pieces. We shall not, however, have […]

Make a List

Make a Difference

No, not New Year’s resolutions… that boat has sailed. No, not Naughty & Nice… where have you been?  Make a list how 2012 is going to be different from all the rest because you are going to be different, not average. Wave farewell to mediocrity. Time for a tastier you.