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A blank page is a wondrous and infuriating thing. I need your help with the poll on the right side. Let me explain.

The cauldron is nigh overflowing with ideas and partially formed posts which will appear in the near future. As has been M3 custom, you get to choose where we begin. The destination is never exactly where you would surmise by the title. A bit of explanation is at hand.

Responsibility: Topics include how it makes the world go ’round, taking it, shirking it, being saddled with it, appreciating it and another twist.

Idioms & Adages: Similar to our forays into It’s the thought that counts and To thine own self be true, we shall pit the definition, connotation, misuse and intent of idioms and adages in a no-holds-barred match.

Questions: Not your average Q&A, these posts foray into quaesitors and quaestiones in equal measure along with defining how we ask the wrong questions.

Sabotage: Long thought to be something done to others in malice, we are going to look at other forms of sabotage we commit all the time.

Judgment: This common M3 theme is going to look into societal, corporate and private judgments we hold and may or may not advertise… and why.

Insert your own: Leave a comment (which will be visible) as to where you would like to see M3 go. It can be an expansion or narrowing of any given topic or something entirely novel.


You get to decide what you want to engage. Feel free to, and please do, share this post with your friends and family. The bigger the discussions the better.

Your turn!

Whilst we wait on results of the poll, take a moment to catch up with posts you may have missed just above the comments, the links in this post and in the left side bar (newest). See you in the comments!

Where have you been interesting in the blogosphere lately?

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  1. Where? Um… M3 blog?.. *wink*

    A WP friend’s site, https://europasicewolf.wordpress.com/ had an interesting summary of the information on the exoplanet discovered orbiting around Proxima B, the closest star to our own solar system…. I once had the ambition to study astronomy, & have always been an amateur sky viewer, since putting together my first telescope at age 10…

    I’ll look forward to whatever wins the poll….


  2. My present blogosphere revolves around 2, a writer and an art gallery owner. Narrowing that down to a single comprehensive topic will take some thought.

  3. Laurie

     /  February 24, 2017

    Me thinks self-sabotage would be the topic.
    Relationships that fall outside the accepted stereotype of society.
    I would like to see a Friday Follies to break up the day to day with laughter. An examination of how we do not ask what we want to know and how even when the question is accurate the tendency is to answer what your translation of the question was versus answering what you were actually asked.


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