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Bubble, Bubble

What was the question?

A blank page is a wondrous and infuriating thing. I need your help with the poll on the right side. Let me explain.


Despite what may seem appropriate given the title, this post is not about writer’s block. Or many of the blocks which benefit or plague the author. Instead, we will be discussing mental blocks.

SEP: What You Want

If you never ask the answer is always no

Saturday Evening Post time, so grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The fans are on high to chase away the evening heat. Children tell you what they want as a matter of need. Without telling you what they want, they have no chance of getting it. Wise words these: If you never ask, the […]


What we don't know

Are you just ecstatic when someone tells you, “If you had just…”? *eye roll*

Saturday Evening Post

The week has been filled with near misses, almost events and wishful thinking. Snuggle into a rocker, and grab a cuppa. Let’s talk.