Cruises, Hobby and Micro-Vacations

Part III of the Vacation Savings Series. Read from the beginning if you missed a segment.

Meet me on the Lido deck.

Cruises are the most popular all-inclusive vacations. International cruises may not include port of call expenses and none cover duties on merchandise you buy. Most cruises include meals, entertainment and lodging. Some include off-ship entertainment as well.

Package Well

Are you interested in cruising to a destination which hosts events for cruise passengers? Would you rather all the events held on board the ship? To control package costs, you can choose to depart from a remote airport, lowering the cost of airfare. Are you are willing to travel to an airport where other passengers are leaving for the same cruise? You get the cheapest tickets.

Shop Around

Cruise Clues reviews cruise ships and packages and hosts a forum for cruisers to share tips, information and expenses. Frommer’s gives excellent, informative reviews of cruise ships, lines and packages. Visiting individual cruise line websites, Disney, Princess or Carnival, gives you current and exclusive information about inclusive packages.

One-Stop Shop

Many travel websites sell tickets for cruises which either can be bundled with airline tickets or  include airfare. These sites are geared for the cost-conscious. Choose a flight which allows you extra time in the departure city to lengthen your vacation before and/or after your cruise.

Hobby on the Go

Hobby vacations are becoming more inclusive as they gain popularity. Websites like Adventure Center offer information and booking of inclusive vacations walking or hiking exotic locations worldwide. Golf Link, Travel Golf and PGA Travel offer reviews of courses, inclusive packages and golf tours. Fans love sport packages from Sports Traveler, Sports Travel & Tours and Go Tickets because tickets, travel to and from the game and concierge service are included.

Short and Sweet

Micro-vacations are the perfect choice for today’s busy traveler. Weekend trips used to be only to places you could drive in less than four hours. Since 1990, the number of travelers who took less than a week from work to travel has doubled. Fewer people can stay away from the job for a week or more. Booking these trips online are nearly necessity.

Use Your Imagination

Most micro-vacations center around specific locations or events. Put on your leisure suit and go to Elvis’ Annual Honolulu Tour or break out your lucky socks for a trip to Atlantic City. A trip to see the changing seasons can be a perfect respite. Spas make great micro-vacations. Take a rustic train tour. Destination 360, Vacations Made Easy or Vacation Idea hold great information about weekend getaways.

Next segment…Trains and Road Trips…Not your old fashioned vacation any more.



The Vacation Savings Series will be wrapping up soon. Have you taken the poll?

Which is best for you: cruise, hobby vacation or micro-vacation?


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  1. James Parsons

     /  November 14, 2011

    Have never been on a cruise, surely would love to though. I have heard alot about them from friends, and say that they are a lot of fun. Being the person you are you sure do know how to save money. Great work RED

    • Everyone I know who has been on a cruise says they would take another in a heartbeat. One couple I know takes a cruise every year. I think they have as many sea fathoms as they have frequent flier miles!

  2. Just a note . . . trip insurance. You know the kind that reimburses your costs if for any reason you can’t go. I think cruises are the best “bang for your buck” and they are my favorite vacation, but they do represent a substantial investment. I have lost funds due to circumstances beyond my control by not having the insurance. I know it is an added expense, but worth it.

    Enjoyed the read.

    • I am going to talk about insurance in the last segment of the series as a needed expense. It saved my mother on her Alaska cruise because Poppa had a heart attack the week before they were set to sail…Needless to say, he was still in the hospital the day the cruise left. Thank you for bringing it up. You may be surprised how many people do not know of such a thing!

  3. We like micro vacations–places we can drive to in less than a half a day. We live an hour north of Memphis, 4 hours from St. Louis, 4 hours from Nashville, but we’re 8 hours from New Orleans and we love it the most!

    • Grew up 90 miles from NOLA, so I know what you mean. I loved the trips we took to Memphis, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Biloxi, Pensacola, Gulf Shores, all of the LA coast. for us micros were 10 hrs one way or less. It put Chicago a bit out of reach, but we caught it on tomorrow’s post!

  4. I have had a quick read of this one and have clicked on the like option, however I will have to return and view all sections on this to fully appreciate your posting and so on the morrow I will do exactly that Red 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of afternoon now 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  5. I have heard some excellent stories from friends that have indulged in Cruise Ship holidays but I have never been all that interested in having one myself it to be honest, though there are some very good ones to be had I think.

    Actually apart from going to Greece three times I haven’t travelled abroad that much, but I am not one for travelling these days, besides I have the Zombies to keep track of and you know what they are like? 🙂

    Okay I am out of here before I
    add something ridiculously nutty…

    Thank you for offering these holiday tips, they
    are most certainly useful and can easily save
    one a lot of hassle and expense too 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of
    day, and a wicked evening also 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Neither have I cruised, Andro. As large as the US is, I have barely traveled all of it yet. My vehicle is quite afflicted, no matter which way I point it, I end up in the same places! I should like to travel to your playground and its neighbors. Perhaps, I could engage you as tour guide. Best when one wants to avoid those pesky Zombies and a few other nocturnal nemeses.

      Do not travail excessively for a wondrously wicked evening awaits, Red.


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