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Flash in the Pan

“We can’t stay here.”

WBH: Ticket for One

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In the three years since I became a widow, I have traveled almost as much as I had in the previous fifteen combined. My odometer has whined about the nearly 250,000 miles.

Wombie Heaven in Minnesota

Minnesota Rocks

Minnesota was a terrific place to go. Amazing places to get together. Terrific people to meet. Fun to be had. Oh, and spam.

Day 28: Now Boarding

I have asked this question to many, and the answer is one of the top of the bucket list for most everyone I know. Where do you want to move or visit?

Pinching Vacation Pennies

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Part VII of the Vacation Savings Series. This is the end, but this is the beginning. Today is the last day of the poll to your left. Stand up and be counted! Down to the Last Dime Throughout this series, we have stressed the correlation between planning and saving money. Let’s recap and add a […]