Bear's RedI am finished.

Over the course of my life, I have accepted what was on offer because it was the only thing on offer. In that acceptance, I have always realized my needs and desires were not in anyone else’s mind; ergo, no one would proffer anything to my specifications. In coping with OCD in a world whereΒ good enough is the status quo, coming to that realization was a triumph.

I have been labelled as a bitch because I expect those who are employed to do their jobs. I have been called unreasonable because I expect proficiency from those who are paid to be experts in their fields. I have been described to others as overbearing for expecting logic, or in the very least common sense, to apply to job processes. I have been called a horrible customer because I expect products to perform as advertised when purchased.

I am none of those things. I am insane.


Everyday, I get up with the hope my fellow members of the human race forwent the heaping bowl of stupid for breakfast, made the conscious effort to engage brain cells before committing rote stupidity and decided to employ compassion, empathy and/or integrity.

Why do I do it? I want to believe people in this world, especially those in my life, care enough about me not to reinforce my increasing lack of faith in humanity.

Days of the Week

Every single day, I am disappointed. My island drifts further away from my peers, those who inhabit my daily life, those on whom I have come to depend. I am taking my rightful place of solitude where the only person I rely upon is me because I know I will be certain to know my needs before I attempt to fill them. I will not choose what others have because it works for them; instead, I will choose what is right for me.

No longer will I go without so others may have, especially when their poverty comes as a direct result of voluntary inaction. No longer will I downplay my own needs; instead I will give them the attention they deserve. If I do not, no one else will. History proves, when given the opportunity, people merely evaluate my needs as something they are glad I have and they do not; most are overwhelmed and cannot offer a way to help.

Regardless of the press releases, not everything in my life with which I need assistance is insurmountable. I have a good general idea of how to overcome it. More often than not, I only need someone to hand me the appropriate implements or loan me the tools I may not have in my arsenal.

Since that assistance is not on offer, it is time for me to don my red feathers… again.

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  1. Sanity is relative to the society in which we live.

    It was not a psychiatric patient who built the atomic bomb, created nerve gas and used it on civilians… πŸ™

    Keep on Rockin’ Red – you’re doing fine!!! πŸ™‚

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Tuesday – Quiet day.My Profile

    • Amazing how our ideals of what is imbalanced changes over time. We do not even realize it stays the same. Thank you for your support, Ian. {HUGZ}

  2. benzeknees

     /  August 7, 2013

    I find myself frustrated with the ineptitude of other people as well. I hope every day it will be different. It isn’t. I have chosen a slightly different path from you – I try my damndest to be THE NICEST person ever (even to rude or stupid people) & try to effect change in this way. I am not fooling myself into thinking I can change the world, but maybe I can change the way people treat me. Do not be mistaken, when someone really does me wrong though, I am not above demanding to speak with their supervisor & expressing my displeasure (my last experience with Fed Ex is a good example).

    • By changing the way ppl treat you are changing the world. Our hope is they will generalize the kindness and apply it to others. See, you are a superhero! xxx

  3. Standing up for ones beliefs as to how we think fairness and justice should prevail can at times Red be a lonely road to travel.
    We at times come to the point of having those doors close in our faces once to often.. But I also know as you do too.. That our Inner strength is what sees us through because we Know it is through that strength that holds our head aloft in truth for what we know is right…
    We hold a knowing Red, and to that no one can detract… We may at times be labelled insane But tell me who is Sane in this Mad world…

    What you do is stand up for Right.. You can hold your head up proudly for Making a Difference..
    And if that means we are insane then lets all be Mad…

    Love to you and Shake those tale feathers! girl…
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Fly to Freedom~ A poem Spinning ThreadsMy Profile

    • You make me smile so, Sue. I have to laugh it is the mad who will bring sanity to the world. Much love and light. xxx

  4. Love this, “…heaping bowl of stupid for breakfast…”

    I understand your frustration. I have met enough stupid-smart people in my time. I wonder if humanity isn’t getting lazy…which doesn’t answer the question but still…and it’s true nobody cares about you like YOU do.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LeftMy Profile

    • Truly, I believe it is, Tess. Over time, we come to rely on others for more and more and tend to our own needs less. That dependence breeds a complacency which begets laziness. It is a sad circle. xxx

  5. I will call round later and offer you some wicked implements, tools and a few surprises, well we can’t have all those stupid idiots running everything and ballsing it all up, oh no what you need is some down to earth wickedness with a hint of the naughty, and I will…

    Hold on a minute are you thinking naughty as in the wickedly naughty, or in the downright and utterly risquΓ© kind of naughty, actually is there any other kind? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ lmao

    Okay so I don’t have all the answers, and I am a tad eccentric sometimes but at least you and I know what naughty means, and it isn’t anything creepy either, well not unless we wait for a suitable storm and attach the electrodes to the stupid peoples nether regions, that should help to jolt their memories, and if not well at least it will provide some light refreshment before breakfast πŸ™‚

    Yes I know that my comment has nothing to do with what you really meant but hey, it was fun while it lasted don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

    Andro xxxx

    • That sounds like a great plan. I have a feeling your toolbox holds some very interesting and entertaining items. *wicked grins* πŸ™‚

      • Yes I will work you through them later, I mean help you out of them later, I mean… Never mind, you always know what I mean so no point in trying to over explain everything πŸ˜‰ lmao

        Have a really exciting rest of weekend Red πŸ™‚

        Andro xxxx

  6. solitude is a wonderful place amid this fallen world, even to have it in one’s pocket for any old occasion. lovely drifting island, i kin relate…
    here from kim’s…

    • Welcome to M3! I hope you find other things to your liking. Feel free to leave a link to your blog in The Green Room. Check the top menu bar. And click the CommentLuv box so it can attach a link to your latest blog post. Enjoy your stay! πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry to hear that you are feeling alone Red. I would jump onto that island with you, but I’m not sure that I’m smart enough! lol πŸ™‚
    Wendy Reid recently posted..30-Day Challenge: Day 7My Profile

  8. As I read this, it seemed familiar; sure enough, the assbites at FB had fooled me into reading it again. Since my previous comment remains valid, I’ll only comment on the evidence it is still an issue today, nearly four years later, to say this…

    “Insanity is a sane reaction to an insane world.” — R. D. Laing

    I don’t believe you require any validation, since you know you’re right, but, the comments indicate there still are those willing, if not all capable, of providing what you need in the way of tools to share….

    I’m one, or, more colloquially, me, too….



    • This is not a FB faux pas. I tend to use social media as a better alternative to the reblog. Since the majority of what I write is not time sensitive, their perennial nature keeps the posts ever ready. xxx

  9. Always we look, usually we are disappointed. Not surprising. It is difficult when we find ourselves not aligned with those who seem to run the world around us. The constant drive toward something more, something greater, better or just more effective. Eventually we give up, all of us do, all of us get hurt enough, discouraged enough, disappointed enough we simply pull back.

    But you know compassion for yourself, it’s a start. We are all imperfect, all bound to disappoint now and again. Figuring out how to live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people many who love you, well that is all you can do.

  10. Camaille Poole

     /  March 13, 2018

    This is empowering. “I see humans all around, but no humanity.”


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