Flash in the Pan

“What do you mean I can only have four? I need 24.” The young man twitched, put his hand in and out of his pocket twice and shifted his eyes somewhere off to the left and back.

“Look, I have four. Do you want them?”

“I need 24.”

Lester wondered if he was not understanding because he was too young to appreciate how expensive they were. “I have someone else who will buy them.” He tried to get the boy to make eye contact again. Lester wondered what he kept looking at in the distance.

“I need 24.”

Just as he was coming to the conclusion the boy was too stupid to take what he could get, Lester noticed the laser sight crawling up his torso toward his head.


Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This week’s word for Flash in the Pan is “understanding”. This idea came from a hatemailer. You can thank Consuela for this idea.

If you would like to play along with Flash in the Pan, use this week’s word in a flash fiction piece of 150 words or less. This week’s offering comes in a little light at 126 words. Be sure to link back to this post so others can join the game.

If enough people join Flash in the Pan, I will give it its own page and link out to all of your offerings. If you did a Flash in the Pan, but linked to M3’s homepage, I have no pingback from you. Your submission will not be added unless you link to the post where the word was offered, as I will group them according to the topics when I build the page.

What is the boy looking at in the distance? What is Lester selling? Do you think this is what Consuela had in mind with “understanding”?

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