Flash in the Pan

She gingerly smoothed the last shirt in the suitcase before she zipped it shut. The luggage tag had the address of the charity where it would end up.

She sat down with the case beside the chair and looked around the room with a nostalgic, yet wry, smile. The counter tops were clear. The tchotchkes  were all gone. The closet was empty. The last thing was this suitcase.

The moment passed, and she pushed out of the recliner, grabbing the handle to the suitcase. Setting it into the hall, she turned back for one last look. No one will ever know I was here.

As she turned the key in the lock, she laughed. When they dig me up, they will go looking for the lock the key fits. Giggling at the irony, she tossed the key and caught it as she walked away for the last time.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”


We are in the middle of the last month of the 150-word upper limit. Featuring the word go, this one ducks under the wire at 148.

There are still two weeks left before the deadline. Are your flashes in already? If not, you have until 2359 on 30SEP13 to get them here. No late entries will be accepted.

Happy flashing!

What is the irony? From what is she walking away? Is there something more sinister here than what you originally suspected?

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  1. I guess she’s disappearing, but whether or not she disappeared someone else too is unclear.
    Binky recently posted..Rocket Racer WagonMy Profile

  2. That laugh at the end leaves us to wonder, what has she done in her life to disappear so completely?

    Nicely done, a bit of mystery.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Dear OprahMy Profile

  3. I’m sure she’s plans to disappear also but I wonder why. Who did she kill of what is her secret. You sure know how to add the twist that sticks. 🙂
    Tess Kann recently posted..Hot Flash – EmbarkMy Profile

  4. I really like the finale, she has such a wicked mindset, and of course I like her style, or should I say your style being that you are the author of this fine piece of writing 🙂

    Have a fun Tuesday Red 😉

    Andro xxxx

    • I think she does have just enough wicked to be delightful in person. 😉 Thank you for your pleasantries, Andro. 🙂

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