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firefairyM3Mantra was looking for something this week. She refused to sing because she is loath to repeat herself. She suggested a gyroscope.

Meeting new people often gives us the impression they are a new breed in the race. Specifically, the new person is a different variation on the personality spectrum we have yet to have encountered.

Until we get really close and realize, this person is precisely like others we have met, merely moreso.

You have met this person who takes irresponsibility to all-new lows. Nothing is ever her fault; his path is predestined to end in a flaming crash. You have the unmitigated “pleasure” of the endless renditions of how and why this person is perpetually a victim of “circumstance”, without the slightest hint of admission the “circumstance” is actually “consequence”.

Mantra suggests a Gyroscope to clear up the misconception for all parties involved.


It’s not a curve in the road.
Straight as an arrow, it is.
For too long, you’ve claimed it’s not.
Grab a gyroscope and look.
Will you claim the scope is bent?

You are veering back and forth,
Like bumper cars run amok,
Tying the world in a knot,
Only to claim victimhood
For garnering fair judgment.

The gyroscope is not bent.
You live to create turmoil
And strife where once there was not
Anything less than accord.
You hate peaceful contentment.

In your petty jealousy
No satisfaction is derived
From savoring what you got
Because you are so convinced
Of limelight entitlement.

Scenery along the road
Can only be viewed when you
Stop being something you are not.
Fulfillment is inside you
Crushed in contrived entrapment.


Are we truly victims of circumstance or rightful recipients of consequence? How can we tell the difference and show it to others?

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  1. We are all trapped in this world to some extent, unable to break its bonds no matter what we do.
    Binky recently posted..Rocket Racer WagonMy Profile

  2. I have always lived by the philosophy “Whatever happens, happens …even if it is s@@t.” But I think some of it is avoidable….
    It’s just a jump to the left.
    And then a step to the right.
    Put your hands on your hips.
    Then bring your knees in tight.
    frigginloon recently posted..Wee ProblemMy Profile

    • You’ve been watching too much of The Rocky Horror Show, but never mind let’s do the time warp again 🙂 lol

      I agree sh*t happens so let’s not blame things on anything, just do whatever you can and don’t whine when things do not go to plan. It is just life.

      Andro xxxx

    • Still, the pelvic thrust will drive you insane. Good to see you <3

  3. Sometimes we know the consequences, yet still we act – THAT is true courage! 🙂

    Love and hugs always!

    Prenin recently posted..Monday – Cold, wet and windy.My Profile

  4. I have been in a mindset where I assumed the victim moniker. It was only a device to assuage my irresponsibility. Once I began making decisions based on my own well-being, I became proactive and in turn my life from that point on has become fulfilling, peaceful, happy, and possibilities and opportunities opened up which I never could have dreamed possible. For me? Possibilities for me?
    Yes indeed. I have a whole new life.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Prose – A Flawed LifeMy Profile

  5. Don’t we just maybe all live in this a bit? Perhaps knowing those who wear this mantle perfectly decide to carry it for them rather than rock the boat, for fear or loneliness.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Dear OprahMy Profile

  6. I recall in high school a teacher stared me down and said, “Stop making excuses.”

    That shut me up and made me realize I was playing victim. It wasn’t my fault. I had no idea I hadn’t owned up to the consequences of my actions. It was MY fault I was in the fix I was in.

    Afterwards, I cringed when other people reacted with the but…but…but…and didn’t understand the why. I can’t stand to listen to adults, especially, who haven’t wised up. 🙂
    Tess Kann recently posted..Hot Flash – EmbarkMy Profile

  7. Sadly I am afraid there are a lot of people who suffer from delusions of adequacy. That causes them to blame others for their own decisions.
    Bo Lumpkin recently posted..World ViewMy Profile

  8. Inthe end we are still.accountable and responsible circumstance renders us a victim.if we do not see the possible things that could happen..a world view of …its supposed to this..that wasn’t supposed to happen comes from.holding the childlike beliefs the world will.turn correctly still believing it waz a fkook ope.s the door for repear and . May seem idiotic. To those watching but to tjose livi.g it is unbelievable and morehurtful.the failufe all over again and gets to tbe point of insteD of changing the view of the world for that would be admitting its shit..they just stop trying to stop it and have control over anything bjt tbemselvrs. Doesbt matter if
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Love is Love..My Profile

    • Doesn’t matter if…? I have seen those whose insanity is rewarded with the same consequences give up. Even the optimistic eventually become realists. xxx


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