Flash in the Pan

He placed the empty champagne flute on a passing waiter’s tray and stalked off the deck onto the lawn. Beside an enormous, blooming bird of paradise by the back fence, he turned to look back.

She was dancing with someone he thought she hated. The smile on her face was one he remembered from years ago. Before all of this… Hysteria. It was the only appropriate word to come to mind. This had to be a group delusion. Surely, he must be caught in the space between sleeping and wakefulness where nightmares and dreams blend in an ethereal fugue.

He watched them laugh and smile and nod in conversation. All the while, he had to wonder,ย How can everyone be so blase about throwing away my happiness?

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

February’s word limit is 150, and this one ducks under at 127. This week’s word isย happiness.ย If you have not already, there is still time to get in on this edition of Flash in the Pan. Only 250 will be accepted to this book. How many do you have in? Have you checked out some of the awesome flashers on the FTP page?

The first two editions of Flash in the Pan are available in PDF, ebook, Kindle and paperback at the RedmundPro Book Store. Grab a copy today. The first edition ebook is free.

Happy Flashing!

Who is she? Have you ever seen or been part of mass hysteria? Do you remember your dreams?

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  1. Happiness is never having to say you’re sorry. Or maybe I’m getting your posts mixed up.
    Binky recently posted..Reality TVMy Profile

  2. Happiness is in short supply… But so Happy to see it thriving here in Red Lands world of Flash in the Pan..
    Raymond I know is a great writer having followed on Blogger..
    I hope all is well with you Red… just dropping by with well wishes for a HAPPY Week ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx
    Hugs Sue xox
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Creation! ~Art ~MusicMy Profile

    • He is very talented and a headliner in the first two books. I am interested in your new post…I shall be ’round later. I hope you are staying warm, sweet Sue <3 xxx

  3. Happiness is reading your FTP’s as they
    always have something exciting about them ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxx

    • So very good to see you tonight, Gray. Flash is so fun I cannot imagine one without some twist of excitement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. aw…poor guy. But he might find better happiness with someone else.
    Novroz recently posted..3 Comedies From 3 Countries: Unubore Deka, The Big Bang Theory and HunderbyMy Profile

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