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SEP: What You Want

If you never ask the answer is always no

Saturday Evening Post time, so grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The fans are on high to chase away the evening heat. Children tell you what they want as a matter of need. Without telling you what they want, they have no chance of getting it. Wise words these: If you never ask, the […]

Mail Bag

On the über-special SEP, I asked for anyone who wanted to respond or expand to step into the SIB. Since then, two people have taken the conversation and moved it along.

Which one?

Black Hole

Over the last three weeks, I have engaged in one conversation with a number of people separated by time and circumstance and thousands of miles. Each one ended with a simple question. I am still crowned “Cruel & Unusual”.

Flash in the Pan

He placed the empty champagne flute on a passing waiter’s tray and stalked off the deck onto the lawn. Beside an enormous, blooming bird of paradise by the back fence, he turned to look back.

It is free.

You have a gift you can give everyone you meet. You can give it to people who only talk to you on the telephone and the Internet. It is part of the universal language and is understood in every culture across the globe, bar none. It is a gift you can give yourself. And you […]