Flash in the Pan

howling wolfSomewhere in the distance a wolf bayed. With a wry smile she thought, Calling to his mate.

The television droned softly, a commercial for engagement rings. She set out the ingredients for dinner.  As she chopped the vegetables, the show resumed. The wedding would surely cause more drama for the characters.

She set a glass of wine on the end table and picked up her book, eighth in the romance series. After a few chapters and one refill, she snapped off the lamp.

Her robe draped over a chair. The cool sheets felt good against her bare legs when she stretched out to set the alarm clock.

She heard the wolf again. When he nuzzled her neck, she awoke confused by the dream. She lifted her head and spied pups sleeping nearby in a pile.

She wondered, With so many in their pack, how are they ever lonely?

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

January is gone. The newest Hot Flash word is out. In celebration of the short month, February’s word limit is the highest at 150. Today’s flash tops out at 148. This week’s word is lonely.

The first and second editions are already available at the RedmundPro Book Store. Pick up your copies today. The first edition ebooks are free.

If you would like to join the Flash in the Pan production, click on Flash in the Pan just below the banner. The third edition will hold 250 entries. Do you have flashes to share? Link back to this post or the FTP page to join.

Happy Flashing!

Was the dream a surprise? Have you ever dreamed you were an animal? If so, which one? Are you flashing this quarter? Do you have a copy of one of the FTP books?

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