Flash in the Pan

Liza mentally ticked off all the things on her list. Her eyes darted around the room, but she made the effort to keep her head still.

The date was chosen. The place was reserved. The invitations were sent. The supplies had arrived. She was pleased with her progress.

When her eyes fell on the heating vent, a shimmer of a smile crossed her lips. Day after tomorrow, the wedding guests would be dancing around this room in joyous ignorance. The arsenic in the cake would take care of those who did not collapse on the dance floor from the radon.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This twisted number hits the mark at precisely 100 words, the limit for July. This week’s feature word is progress.

Have you stopped by to see who has jumped ahead in the Flash in the Pan game? New authors are trying their hands. Are you ready to start flashing with us? All the details are on the FTP page.

Only one more flash before Flashes from the Bistro is available at RedmundPro. The sale is almost over on the set of FTP books. Before the new one comes out, grab all the others to see why flashing is addictive for readers and authors.

Why is Liza’s net so wide?  Are you ready for the new book?

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