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Derek ran his fingers gingerly over the cool, shiny surfaces the way other men caressed inner thighs. From the time he was old enough to see over the work bench, he had dreamed of this day. He had flown out the day the attorney call to say his father’s will was to be opened.

With a wistful smile Derek wheeled himself to the door to let his grandsons inside. He was too old to use his father’s tools. Not that Dad ever did. At last, someone would put them to good use.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

The first flash features the word tools and comes in against the 100 word limit at 92. The new theme is Boys and Their Toys and is a collection of items which cross gender roles.

Are you ready to have a little fun? Join us for the seventh edition of Flash in the Pan! As always, the rules and the words are on the Flash in the Pan page just under the header image.

Just think! In three short weeks, Disturbed will be available featuring new flashers and some who are only featured in the book.

Happy Flashing!

Are you going to join us? Which boys’ toy do you see more “girls” with now than ever before? How skewed is gender profiling in toys?

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  1. Excellent flash, Red! I enjoyed it.
    Susan Shuman recently posted..ClapMy Profile

  2. I had to read it twice.

  3. This is a fine opener to our new FTP’s Red 🙂 Have a great start to your week my dear friend.

    Andro xxxx

  4. Ha ha. I had to read it a couple of times too. A lot going on here. Great start to a new quarter.
    Tess Kann recently posted..These Socks SuckMy Profile

  5. Fraz would probably do that too, only cinnamonly, not gingerly.

  6. I was expecting a big black Harley

  7. I don’t understand why my flashes are not showing up in the list above and in the word “remote” also. I have posted my flashes in the forum but I have also included a link to the specific word here for “Tools” and “Remote”. My pingbacks work wherever I post but they don’t seem to be working here.

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