Who are you, again?

Some of you know I have been missing since early January. If you are not one of them, grab a rocker and a cuppa. Let’s talk.

The end of the year was almost as difficult for me as the first of the year was. The large gaps in between my posts were because I have written only two posts this year, the one linked in this paragraph and its introduction. Everything else you have seen was penned months earlier and a few more than a year ago.

During my hiatus, I have had an enormous amount of (no) time to consider the fate of The M3 Blog. I have had an inordinate amount of hatemail to convince me to stop paying for hosting and a nearly equal amount of solicitations for expansion. I have come to some stark realizations.

number 1I love blogging. I love it nearly as much as I love writing books I am back sitting at my desk to finish. To that end, I will be returning to blogging; however, this blog is going to morph into something it has never been before.

sc 3rdOhellIn all the years I have blogged, you have seen very little of my life. You have shared my angst at some of the inanity which surrounded me in the TCH. Fortunately for all of us, I am no longer in the TCH. What I will share with you will not be merely vitriol. Instead, you are going to get to know me at a core level. You are going to be exposed to the clockwork which makes me tick. I am going to answer some of the questions I am frequently asked but heretofore only answered with a wry smile and questions of my own.

Along this journey, I am going to ask you questions just as I have always done. That will never change. I recently told a dear friend I probably asked more questions than any other person he had ever known. His response was ardent agreement.

number 2The question arises: What do you really want to come of this? The short answer is I want each and every one of you to discover in yourselves the similar and opposite cogs in your own clockwork; to learn to employ those left dormant, for whatever reason; to contrast how yours works better for you than mine ever would; to show me there are other equally successful ways of being happy in one’s own skin; to reach you not as a keyboard from across cyberspace but as a very human being.

I have missed your fellowship and must admit to lurking in the corners and peeking from behind the curtains to see what is going on in your worlds. While my comments have been extremely sparse, I needed the time to process what has been an enormous life change for me.

number 3One thing will not change. It will never change. I want all of us to MAD. As honesty would have it, each of us do MAD. Whether I comment or not, your posts MAD to me. They let me know you have passions which are the core of your clockwork. They allow me to take a cog to see if I can add it between the ones I already have or if I need one a touch smaller or larger.

The M3 Blog was created to MAD. It has. It shall. We are going to look at it from a new perspective. What is it? Life. Not the day-to-day hangups which make us wonder what keeps most people’s skulls convex. Instead, the life which makes us happy to live. The beliefs which challenge us to grow within ourselves and become. It is growing up at its core, just without the acne, rebellion and regrettable wardrobe choices.

I have missed you. I am glad to be back.

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  1. Grant Helms

     /  July 4, 2014

    I’m glad you are coming back in full swing. I have missed and waited for this time. I’m sure everyone will love meeting the real Red. Have a happy 4th of July. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Glad to see you back Red. I was worried but then again, you aren’t the surrendering type.

    Questions. Yes.

    Humanity. Yes.

    Give a shit. Yes

    Live life on your terms. Yes.

    I could use a nudge — more writing. So welcome back and nudge already.

    John McDevitt recently posted..Back to the Horsepistol (again)My Profile

    • Glad to see you this Independence Day, John. I am just dragging in from a terrific afternoon surrounded by wonderful people. I hope you and yours had a glorious Fourth. I will be nudging. Be certain of that!


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