Musician Spotlight: Marc Amendola

If you have not been to the Coffee Shoppe to rock with Fear The State’s new single, you have been missing out! Red grabbed Marc Amendola (Vocals, Guitar) to check in on what he has grooving and shaking.

Marc Amendola ~ Fear The State

M3: Marc, say hello and introduce yourself to the M3 Readers.

MA: I am Marc Amendola, producer, songwriter, singer and guitarist, who produces music from all genres all across the USA.

M3: Sounds like you have a full plate. Anyone you need to send a Thank You to before we get to the music?

MA: My family. That’s why I work hard. And the people I work with day in and day out. That’s my other family.

M3: Sounds like you are close with your colleagues.

MA: They are great, strong, supportive and always striving to do better and be better. It helps me be better when I’m around them.

M3: Seems like you have a lot of support. How did you get started in the music industry?

MA: I started playing guitar when I was nine, but started in the industry of recording and writing songs in my teen years. I started playing shows regularly when I was 18. I see all those as different businesses now, but when I was younger, I just wanted to be involved in all. And here I am…involved in all of them.

M3: Do you have any advice for the youngsters with a guitar and a dream?

MA: Do it for the music.

M3: Let’s talk work. Has the state of the economy changed the way you perform?

MA: Yes. It was a slow playing year. I focused my time on production of the new Fear The State seven-song CD, as well as working with other artist and projects that I’ve wanted to do. Just re-focused.

Audio Hotel Productions

M3: What are you currently working on with Fear The State and your other cohorts?

MA: The new Fear The State CD is coming out soon. Indecent Exposure are a hard-working band who just opened for House of Lords at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. Allie Rhian and I are starting work on her original songs next week. We did a ton of YouTube cover videos for her this past year. I’m writing a bunch of songs, too, with a few new writers. Excellent music that I am happy to be a part of. I also just did the Marla Morris show at the COPA in NYC.

I’m always considering new things to do musically. But right now, I’m writing a lot again, so I’m just stockpiling songs. In about two months, I’ll try to find them a home and record them.

M3: How do you find time to do all of that?

MA: I make the time. I focus.

M3: Do you ever take a break or go on hiatus?

MA: I do. It’s usually due to lack of focus on that aspect. If I’m recording in the studio a lot, writing may take a back seat. Or if I’m out touring a lot, usually it’s shows and promote, not write and record.

M3: Should the M3 Readers care about your day job?

MA: They probably shouldn’t. I feel lucky I can do this for a living. I do a lot of teaching, and a lot of writing. And they both make me a better producer.

Marc in the Studio

Marc at Audio Hotel

M3: Let’s talk about the music. What makes this work so special to you?

MA: It chose me. I can’t stop doing it. It makes me really happy to do it, and I’m really grateful to be doing it daily.

M3: What makes this work different from everything else out there in music land?

MA: It is real people making real things happen. We work hard to make sure it’s pure emotion and energy.

Wake Another Day

M3: Give the M3 Readers a plug. In 15 words or less, why should they buy your CD?

MA: Because it will make us bond instantly when we meet! We’ll have something in common, other than our dogs, families and weather-related issues.

M3: Haha! Tell me something you probably wish I would keep a secret. Other than the fact you cannot count.

MA: That I listen to everyone’s opinion about my music, and I’m a mad countryman.

M3: In a band called Fear The State, I can believe it!


Dear M3 Readers,

Check out Fear The State and pick up your copy of Wake Another Day. Stop by their YouTube Channel. Follow Marc on Twitter for the latest in dates and releases.

As always, thank you for sitting in on this interview and your continued support of the very talented musicians and artists of The Coffee Shoppe. When you tweet this post, please use the hashtags #music and #FF.



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  1. Outstanding. Your site is like a pinata. Bust it open and there is so much inside to enjoy and share with others if you aren’t greedy.

  2. Have a most delightfully excellent
    start to your New Year 2012 Red 🙂

    I do hope that I will get back for a
    few comments but if not then enjoy
    all of your wonderful celebrations
    and have lots of happy family fun 🙂

    I know for sure that you will 🙂

    Be well my great friend Red 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Why, thank you, Andro. I am so very glad you popped in for a quick note. I have much to read at your place, and will be along shortly.

      Many happy blessings for you and Jen in the New Year! Do have fun celebrating this evening and well into the New Year! 🙂 Happy tidings, my wonderful friend!


  3. This is wonderful Red –great job! You ask the right questions and obtain fascinating answers. Happy New Year, have a safe, happy, enjoyable–and successful 2012!

    • Marc is an amazingly busy guy! Just glad he took some time to let me grill him to answer a few questions.

      Happy New Year to you, too, Ray!


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