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Prompt: Stripper Songs

The Empty Stage

Memes the internet over proclaim every woman has at least one song which turn her instantly into a stripper. Never fear, guys have songs which make their clothes fall off, too. How about five?



I am not sorry to see 2014 go into the record book. Still, there are reasons to celebrate.

Muse for Monday

Mantra of M3

The sound of an orchestral symphony often is a spiritual awakening. Each piece adds a different element to a complex message to the soul.

Day 10: Shuffle

My music player is, like most everyone else’s who chose what is on theirs, reflective of my style, mood and humor. Shuffle gives you a good cross section… at least in theory.

Day 6: You call that music?


At the risk of sounding ancient, I stopped listening to the radio nearly twenty years ago. The two-fold reason is partly to blame for my opinion of mainstream music.