Prompt: I hate this chore.

For all the OCD in the world, there is one chore I hate more than all the rest put together.

My affinity for shoes is known the world over. Complete strangers have admitted to calling me “The Shoe Lady”, “High Heels” and “Cat (walk) Woman” based solely on my footwear choices. One man used shoes as a pick-up line by walking up to me in the grocery and saying, “Wearing shoes like that you can’t be from here.”

The one place where shoes are not the perfect finishing touch to my outfit is at home. I am barefoot in the house. Walk through the door and the shoes are off as soon as I cross the threshold. See, it has a lot to do with another fetish: Clean floors. Shoes track the outside inside.

Although I happen to like clean “everything”, I am a stickler about clean floors. I could be a hoover tester no matter my location. Once, I proved a 500-hour motor would viably put out 1,200 hours. Yes, I used one machine that much. On any given day, I touch my vacuums (Yes, I have more than one.) more than any other appliance in my house, including my coffee pot. Aside: My dream home will have precisely zero carpet and a robot vacuum.

The wood floors are a breeze. My broom is for more than flying. Even waxing and buffing is not the worst thing ever.

Since bathrooms are another fetish, the tiles in the house are cleaned by hand. Old fashioned, hands-and-knees, towel kind of by hand. Oh, put that eyebrow down. That is not the chore I hate.

mop and wringer bucket

This torture device is my least favorite chore. I would sooner dip a sponge in the bucket of soapy water than swab this thing around the kitchen.

While I may Swiffer a small spill in the moments I have not the time to stop whatever caused the spill, I will not do the entire floor with it. Still, the floor must be clean. What could possibly be nastier than traipsing through the kitchen for a cuppa or a chocolate to step in something which sticks to the sole of your foot? *Shudder*

My revulsion aside, I simply cannot bring myself to mop. I would sooner scrub three-week-old dishes with a toothbrush than mop.


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What is your least favorite chore? Which chore do you not mind at all?

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  1. My least favorite chore is file management!!! Too many files, too many folders, too many categories, all overlapping. Online, on drives, on my desk, in drawers and file cabinets, and in my head. I’d rather be reading.

    • Oh, you make me laugh so!! I can see files as being as irritating as dirt on the floor!

      So very good to see you!

  2. I’m a guy. At around age, oh, four or so, I figured out dirt wasn’t going to hurt me, and, ever since, I’ve pretty much ignored it, until it gets to the point it’s visible, or causes mud when something gets spilled. So, you’d be a good match for me, as, once it hits the floor, it’s gone from my world…

    Now, relax… I’m also a chef, and have lived with women who like clean all my life, so, I know how to clean; it just doesn’t make much sense to me, beyond what is needed to prevent serious diseases.


    My most hated chore, then, would be almost any cleaning task, for I have to grumble to myself the entire time…

    Actually, I’m not a fully typical guy, because my other least favorite thing is to wrench on cars…. A real pain in my ass when I owned VW’s back in the day…

    Having fun with this, aren’t you?….



    • I would prefer to grease monkey than mop. Just eww. I think far more than merely men live in the place where once on the floor it exits the world. Giggles.

      And yes, this is quite fun.

  3. Cleaning the bathroom.. That’s my all-time least favorite chore… Like really..

  4. I don’t mind mopping. I just rarely do it. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind it.
    Binky recently posted..Hedge Trimmer HaircutMy Profile

  5. I fully despise most anything having to do with laundry, but the most hated of all is ironing. It is the bane of existence. It sucks canal water through straws … irons are torture devices.

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