Prompt: My Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren

Mes Cheris, there are a few things I feel compelled to say.

4 generations of family


Your parents and grandparents are likely trying to undo a lot of what my generation did and desperately trying to make up for all the things we did not do.

No one will tell you about me because I am long forgotten. I will not burden you with the details. You are welcome to read whatever I have written to learn about me. The following messages are what I specifically want you to know.

Whatever you choose to believe in, pursue it with integrity. Learn all you can about it so you can be sure you have placed your faith wisely. Do not attempt to enforce your beliefs on others. They will errantly believe you are judging them, which will make you appear both high-handed and intolerant. Instead, let your actions speak the tacit language the receptive hear.

An advertising company in my youth came up with a slogan for a shoe company. While I have a penchant for old adverts, you may have never heard it. “Just Do It.”

Take every opportunity to try something new. Take vacations to new places rather than visiting the places you have already seen. Learn to play instruments and sing loudly, even if you are not in tune. Have dinner parties where everyone should bring a plus one or more. Cook new cuisine with friends. Visit the elderly, for the contact will be as good for you as it is for them. Make breakfast in bed, even if you are eating alone. Write. Tell inappropriate jokes. Read. Speak with locals. Take classes in unrelated fields. Be kind to everyone. The only regrets you will have are the things you did not do.

Love passionately. Lukewarm anything is not desirable. Love with your soul. Not with your head for the benefits. Not with your heart for the emotional refill. Not with your body because it will wear out. Love with your soul because it will last for your whole life.

mad love meme

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You are not genetically prone to fear. When others’ fears refuse to subside in the light of your logic, feel free to step away. Every person comes into your life to serve a purpose. Some will bestow knowledge you want or need; some will teach you what not to do. Both are equally valuable, and neither can diminish who you are.

Although I would be elated were it otherwise, life will not always be easy or fulfilling. In the moments when it is difficult or draining, remember what you learn from it is far more important and lasting than the hurt.

Begin each day with a smile. Give them out frequently because yours may be the only one someone receives all week. When you put your head on the pillow, smile again. Carry the warmth into your dreams. Dream grandly and sweetly. Your perseverance will see them come true.

S’il te plaît sois béni, mon enfant. Je t’aime.



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  1. Don’t be normal or average, no matter what it costs.

  2. We only get one life – don’t waste it on the mundane. 🙂

    Love the picture hun – you guys look great! 🙂

    Sorry for being AWOL – stuff has been happening ‘off the RADAR’ and my mind was elsewhere! 🙁

    God Bless and love to everyone! 🙂


  3. It would go something like this.

    “Here is some wisdom I would like to share with you. Over the many years I’ve lived, I have learned …. if you actually read this, you will inherit one million dollars. However, you won’t. So…you won’t. I’m sure you think you know it all already.”

    • Wow. Planning on them inheriting the sarcasm gene or having predominant genetic intervention from the shallower end of the gene pool?


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