Prompt: Invent an Appliance

One would think since I hate to mop, I would want to invent a machine to do it for me. That would be an assumption. Consider this my beauty pageant world peace speech.

What I believe the world of nanotechnology needs to produce is a universal translator, though not the kind you have seen in science fiction books and movies.

Whilst I do believe a single language would make the entire endeavor simpler, my translator would be a physical manifestation of mental telepathy. It would clearly convey intent by delivering messages in the language form the receiver understands.

merriam webster dictionary logo

Not good enough

It would go beyond merely matching words with similar meanings; instead, it would translate the same language based on what we understand words to mean. How many times do we think a word means one thing when its definition means something entirely different?

Imagine if the world were devoid of misunderstanding. Every time a person said something the listener knew precisely what was meant rather than what is said.

Think of what it would mean for those without the ability to speak. By reading intent, the translator would offer meaningful communication to everyone.


Greek delta symbol of changeThe revolution in industry would be immense. Teachers would speak to learners in the language they understand. Your doctor would not be a bastion of untouchable knowledge; you would understand his diagnosis and how your condition will progress. Psychiatrists would accurately diagnose mental illness because patients would understand the questions doctors ask and be plaintive in the answers. Job training would be as simple as explaining the job description to the new employee. Anyone could learn a new trade by merely reading a manual aloud.

Some things will disappear. The legal industry would be defunct on the sole grounds lying would be impossible. Politics as we know it would vanish. Crimes based on dishonesty would be impossible because victims would see what the criminal was really doing. Relationships would be built on the truth, and fewer would come to an acrimonious end. Duplicity of research would end because one proof would be valid since the results would no longer be subject to interpretation or have its integrity questioned.

As to the mop, why would I invent something so selfish as to only make my life easier when I could invent something to radically change the world?


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Would my invention of the universal translator make your life easier?

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  1. It would so completely change the world, I don’t know that we could cope.

  2. My lady, if the possibility of lying disappeared from the world, it would tear itself to bits within a day. More than 7.5 billion people would become aware they’ve been lied to for thousands of years, and the resultant chaos would cover the entire world…. Where would the predators hide?

    LOL! I think it would be great! Just what humans need to grow the fuck up.

    gigoid, the dubious


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