Prompt: Character Sketch of Me

Pink Cannondale mountain bikeAll of the pertinent details of my newest character in a supporting role for a book: me.

She is a mountain-bike-riding, novel-writing mother of and to many. She drives far too many miles in a sturdy truck to attend such events as therapy for others, potluck dinners in an attempt to broaden her social circle and appointments which make her question society’s grip on reality.

Her ridiculously long red hair goes from being a curly tangle to a ponytail to a knot she ties on the back of her head fifteen times a day, normally prompted by a change in temperament or a stray three-foot piece getting rolled up in the truck window.

A deep flowing anger which borders on rage is the undercurrent to nearly everything she does. It is hidden by a roiling sea of compassion. Most all of her hurt stems from caring about people who in turn refuse to care for themselves, making all of her effort for naught. Her indomitable spirit goes right on caring even after her brain recognizes she is the only one who cares.

Pink skull pumps and purse

Skulls because heads will roll.

She walks like she is marching to battle. Stilettos do not slow her down, and her children chase after her to keep up. Only the truly observant realize she is not ten feet tall and bulletproof. The few who do know she is sensitive and vulnerable and stays on the brink of losing control of her emotions.

If someone were to pay close attention, they could see she favors one hand, even though both shake just a bit. There is a pain she hides from everyone. It is as much disgust with her body betraying her as it is necessity to finish what she begins. That hardheadedness is one of her most recognizable traits.

Busy. The best word to describe any given day. Even when she is sitting quietly and playing a game, her mind is a million miles away composing, creating, inventing, remembering, reminiscing, rhyming, planning- occasionally plotting, communing with the logic and order she wishes the rest of the world employed. No matter how mad her actions may seem, there is indeed method worthy of praise. The madness seems complicated and her actions out of step, but when the final stone is in place all of it makes perfect sense.

Her wit is quick and as sharp as her tongue. The light in her eye is the sarcastic or acerbic comment she is keeping to herself for her own amusement. Verbosity notwithstanding, she keeps more in than anyone would ever realize. Due primarily and in large part to hating the sound of her own voice, the remaining reason is those closest to her believe she talks too much. She has a wry smile when she holds in a story directly on point which would serve as an education tool.

She has no choice but to allow some of the people she loves the most step into messes because her intervention would come across as heavy-handed. Her tact is often noted as lacking because her delivery is in the simplest terms she can muster: the truth in twelve-letter and/or polysyllabic words.

Complicated though she may be, her intentions are simple, pure and altruistic. She would bequeath a better world than she found were she able to convince others of such a lofty pursuit. Despite all the setbacks and those who undo what she does, she continues to do.

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What role would this character play in your writing? What would you add to this character sketch?

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  1. Would it be vain to add that she is also a beautiful woman with a heart of gold, a diamond and a wonderful friend, someone that everybody loves and admires.

    As I know this to be true I can offer it freely and wish her / you the most wonderful years to come, and so much deserved.

    I love your description Red, and have enjoyed the reading of same. Have a lovely start to your Thursday my dear friend and best wishes for all of your future plans.

    Andro xxx

  2. This character could never be a spear-carrier in anything I wrote; such beauty and strength of spirit, which, as described, I know to be true, would never settle for any part but protagonist, or, mentor/partner to same….

    The only part I’d add is the sparkle in your eyes when you are looking at those you love, which comes across clearly, in every picture I’ve seen, or taken….

    Oh, yeah…. there’s that fierce loyalty, too….




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