Prompt: Rock, Paper, Scissors

water tower at dawn

When you are certain you have gone too far, go 4 more miles.

The three of them were out like they were every weekend. It was her idea, as always, but they were going to have a good time if history had anything to say about it.

They climbed the last three sections of scaffolding ladders beneath the water tower and out onto the stairs which led to the cat walk around the outermost perimeter. With their feet dangling over the edge, they sat beneath the lettering looking out over the sleepy town of Parliament.

“Why are we up here again, Abby?”

She shot him a look with an accompanying frown. “You are welcome to climb down, Chicken Little.” Paul hated when she called him that, but she was right in doing so. Most of their adventures were cut short by Paul’s fear of everything which held more than an iota of danger. He was certain his friends had missed out on quite a bit of fun because he would not go along.

“You are welcome to climb down if you wanna.” Charles half-hoped Paul would climb down and scamper home to his “mommy”, Charles’ nickname for Paul’s equally fearful and oftener absent girlfriend. The last time he had, Abby had seriously different plans in mind than when they had begun.

“Let’s be fair, like we always are. Put them out.” Abby extended her fist and waited on the men to do the same. Charles popped his right beside hers and glared at Paul, who slowly put his out. “One, Two, Three.” Abby and Charles pumped their fists in time with Abby’s words.

Abby grinned. She had two fingers extended. She closed them around Paul’s hand. “Scissors cut paper.” She repeated the motion on Charles’ hand, but did not release it when he let his hand fall to her lap.

“The view from here is amazing. The sun will be up in just a few more minutes. What better place to greet the day that eyeball-to-eyeball with the rising sun? Lighten up, Paul.” Abby stretched her arms high, as those she were awakening for the day.

He fidgeted and pulled at his jeans which were biting at his waist. “I’m just not comfortable up this high.”

Charles laughed. “Buy bigger jeans or eat less of Mommy’s cooking.”

Paul glared at Charles while Abby giggled. “The other solution is just take the damn things off.”

“Ha. Ha. I can just see explaining to Maureen how I got arrested pants-less at the top of the water tower.” Before he got to the end of the sentence, even Paul could see the humor in it.


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Have you ever decided something with rock, paper, scissors?

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  1. There is nothing like finishing off a story with laughter, and this one certainly had me grinning. I remember playing this game in my early teens and is an excellent way of deciding things.

    As always an entertaining story. Enjoy your Thursday Red.

    Andro xxx


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