Prompt: Patience

You have heard the adage for the majority of your life: Patience is a virtue.

Horse pucky.” ~ Sherman Potter

Patience, more often than not, is an exercise in doing nothing. How in the blue blazes is doing nothing virtuous? Clyde says no. I scream no.

Far be it from me to claim virtuousness. I am hardly patient when it comes to what I want, albeit there are so very few things, as you might recall. Then again, I exhibit a tremendous amount of patience.

For example, my children have not been served with a fine merlot, spring greens and yeast rolls. Yes, that is a true exhibition of patience.

Autistic children

If you recall (or clicked on the link to refresh your memory), I am still puttering around in my truck as I near the 300,000 mile mark. Not to shabby in my book. It takes tremendous patience to work on and maintain a vehicle which other than a few signs of genuine age works precisely as is required.

No patience in the way of shoes, as my newest batch of boots, booties and stilettos prove.

No patience in the way of being satisfied with what little is offered the above uneaten children. New state, same fight, still fighting, although in the interest of abject honesty, less energy required than in the

Third Circle of Hell

No patience when it comes to social outrage. Stow your politics. I am bent into a pretzel with the miserable way judges toss out perfectly good people on arbitrary grounds they (solely and with neither support nor precedent) deem “moral”. Makes me use my favorite word. A. Lot.

I recently discovered I have a lot more patience than I ever imagined I would when I began breaking the universe. I have taken the rules others accepted (for years) without ever questioning why they did, even in the face of contrary proof, and broken them. Well, that is not entirely true. A quote from one such person whose universe I shattered, “You broke the universe and ripped the time-space continuum.”

Once the universe as they knew it is gone, I take them a few steps into a world which always existed but they never noticed. My world is anything except flat. Teaching is always an exercise in patience.

Virtue or not, patience is like all other things: best used in moderation.


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Is patience a virtue, and why or why not? Are you patient?

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  1. I have learned patience the hard way, but it was not an easy lesson.

    Today I look a year ahead and make my plans accordingly! 🙁

    God Bless!


  2. I am very patient…just don’t do anything that makes me wait for you or get on my nerves

  3. Patience as they say is a virtue and over time I have come full circle, once upon a time I was terrible, but these days my patience is exceptionally high.

    I can sit back and laugh at those who tear their hair out over the slightest of problems, and ponder, that used to be me.

    Have a super Thursday my dear friend 🙂

    Andro xxx


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