Mantra is tired of romance and blog hops and Follies and everything else being on the wrong day, so she has hijacked today. You have been warned.

The world she describes is one which has been hijacked. The reasons are as selfish as any other hijacking. Some of the groups are readily identifiable. We are in them. Some are the murky “they” about which you hear so many people tell.

With a title of Mating Season, rest assured Mantra has not hijacked today merely to lull you with romance and sweet nothings. It is your conscience and your consciousness she is tugging. If your heartstrings get in the way, again, you were warned.

Care to go for a swim?

Mating Season

Three-eyed fish swimming upstream
Trying to escape a mate…
Or maybe ten.

Brackish, black water flowing
Over burnt orange, thin gills.
No oxygen.

Elder fish, blind in one eye,
Feeding on tiny morsels.
It is not roe,

But lumps of flesh which were once
The products of the last spawn.
Not one could know.

Beyond the river delta
The sharks circle nurseries,
Not of their own,

But of clean feeders and some
To spawn the delicacy
Of youngling bone

To be ground in toothy maws
Into powdery, fine meal
And shat upstream,

Driving three-eyed mates to sea
To entertain and expire
Caught in love’s dream.


What is the bone Mantra has stuck in her gullet with the filet? Pick a metaphor (or three) and tell me what it means to you. How many eyes do you have?

Have a terrific weekend.

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  1. Wonderful poem; you know me and metaphor, we’re as one… or, two, anyway.

    Naturally, given my bent, or, bend, as the case may be, I see it all as a metaphor for modern culture, with overtones of Lizzie’s take as a decent set of descriptive parameters. I would have, perhaps, liked to have seen the elder fish treated a bit less compassionately, but, that’s just me, I guess.

    I loved it; it gave the feeling of hope at the end, that we can still swim free, if we use that third eye for illuminating the currents…

    Of course, that’s the first time through; it would probably morph on me if I go over it again. It’s pretty deep, metaphorically speaking, & I’m not wearing my high tops today….

    Hope this is what you were looking for….. or, swimming toward, to carry on the allegory…



    • Aye, the metaphor is the puzzle of the conundrum wrapped in the enigma. Methinks you may find the deeper meaning in the second swim; perhaps, shedding the predonned suit could help. It truly is of the devolution which has been weighing of late. In the date you will see this is not a new phenomenon about which I rail.

      On the off chance you have the time, I may suggest another. The last pingback holds my analysis, if you would like to check your answers, as it were.
      <3 xxx


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