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As promised, Mantra is going to reveal a poem from the new book: Mantra’s Midnight.

Over the years, the dark poetry has not seen much light of day literally or figuratively. The upcoming Mantra book will be nothing but those which come from the dark side.

While Grains is not wholly dark, it is far darker than the jovial and merely thought-provoking poems which haunt the M3 pages. (Oxymoron duly noted, thank you.) It takes us on a trip through time. The retrospective allows us to look into Clyde’s dilemma from the SEP.

When we look through the past at relationships, we often are looking for the place where we veered from the path, in an attempt to put our feet back on it. Tonight, we are not looking to get back on the path.

Let the grains slip through your fingers.


I’ve combed through the past both near and far,
Picking nits from between gritty grains of hourglass sand.
The search was productive, if
You look at it another way.
Amongst the glittering and dull
I scoured, sifted and sought something smooth and sparkling
For my hand to grasp, a touchstone.
Pardon, unintentional pun.

One grain shone like a yellow star.
I thought it would be just the ticket to demonstrate
The innocent way love keeps me
Buoyant and happy everyday.
But it was empty, just a hull
Unanswered mail, unreturned calls, messages stacked too high.
Inside it was a hollow answer,
Just an echo, not anyone

Speaking in response – a bell jar.
Until I grabbed this grain,
I was blissfully unaware
Sand could have burrs and wicked thorns.
It was shiny in the midday
Sun, but I wasn’t slow to cull.
Skipped holidays, outings missed and birthdays left alone.
Incessant worrying and doubt.
Couldn’t you tell me we were done?

The last grain was pitch, black as tar.
It intrigued me more than all the others which came before.
It was the last to pass the hourglass,
But I was not watching that day.
My calendar had gotten full
With all the things which bored you so and you chose to ignore.
I can’t feel loss you think I should
Because you were already gone.


When you look back on past relationships, can you feel the different textures of the hourglass sands? Do we always notice them as they slip through? Do you know what the pun is?

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  1. hmmmmm… this one I can’t quite put my finger on it. could be my frame of mind or something, I feel like it’s right outside the edge of my reach for it…
    But I like it. Perhaps it will hit me like a brick and i will come back and offer my thoughts….
    Hopefully it won;t be like the brick that just went whizzing by my head…that wasn;t Mantra was it?? huh.. 😉
    Love and Hugs.. <3
    and bright thoughts?
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..The Day Death Comes… in loving memory of my grandma.My Profile

  2. I have just called by to have another read of this poem Red, it is one that I really like and I also want to thank you for calling into my Space last evening and adding your many fine thoughts to my scripts and added graphics 🙂

    Have a wonderful start
    to your Thursday Red 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Always a pleasure, my Gothic friend 😉 I am glad you like this one. I hope your Friday shapes up to be a lovely one, indeed. 🙂

  3. oh my this is a great poem, Red… deserves a **standiing ovation* “Brava” Brava”!!!

    love and hugs,
    BuddhaKat recently posted..Thursday was for Thinking, Monday is for Manifesting…My Profile

    • I am so glad you like this one. Just a taste of the next book 😉 I hope you will like this one at least half as well as you like the last one. <3 xxx


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