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Prompt: Time Capsule

Today we are burying a time capsule to be disinterred in 200 years. The following letter will accompany the contents of the time capsule.

Muse for Monday

Do you make countdowns? Maybe, just on New Year’s Eve. Maybe, to the spanking which never comes because someone straightens up before you get to the end. Something else entirely?

Objects in Hourglass may appear…

pierced ear

One of the hazards of poetry is the lines and images catch people differently. Sometimes, what you may walk away from a poem carrying is not what the poet packaged. This is not a case of bait and switch.

Muse for Monday

Mantra of M3

Mantra has rattled the lantern only a few times as of late, and much of what she has sung has nestled between the pages of her newest book… Save this one.

Heads or Tails: Boundaries

crime scene do not cross

The basis of identity is a definition. Identity is how we define ourselves by our beliefs and actions based on those beliefs. We draw boundaries we refuse to cross, effectively marking our territory. What happens when someone else makes those boundaries?