Impish Ride

MantraMantra has been misbehaving as of late. She is unhappy with the cut to two posts (at most) per day. There has been little room for her shenanigans on the blog. Her notebook is getting filled with sometimes as many as three scribblings in a day. To give the petulant pixie a break, I offer you a ride.

The Ride

I have decided
to stop being
so surprised.
You do it so
well, I should just
expect it.

The twists and
the turns make
me dizzy,
But, oh, the ride!
From dazzling
heights to lows

So profound
I doubt my feet
will again touch
Terra firma.
I cannot even
fathom it.

Hand the boy
two more tickets
and buckle up.
One more glor’ous
ride before they
close the show.


Roller Coaster

Arms in the air!


© Red Dwyer 2012
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  1. Please take the poll! It closes tomorrow…

  2. Yeah – one more ride, but will life give us the chance???

    Good Poem Red! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Red

       /  March 10, 2012

      Aye, take it before the show closes. Have a little fun!

  3. A ride indeed 🙂

  4. Laurie

     /  March 10, 2012

    I am too old, even looking at roller coaster pictures makes me dizzy. I think I’ll take a slower ride, incredible as usual.

    • Red

       /  March 10, 2012

      LOL! One time when I took the children to the state fair, there was a mini coaster…total about 12 feet tall and about 150 feet long. It was an ellipse which had one rise. I think even you could stomach that one. Or are you a Ferris wheel girl?

      • Laurie

         /  March 10, 2012

        Think the Himalayas and trains…….not that that would make sense at all.

  5. Life is the ride — the ride is life.


  6. Red, there is nothing like a good ride and this poem adds to the enjoyment, well it does until one reaches the ending, reads the last few lines and glimpses the picture, which offers something entirely different as to what the reader was originally thinking of… Well some readers have those over active imaginations 😉 lol

    Have a great rest of weekend Red and thank you for offering such quality reading material on your Space, it is indeed a pleasure to call in here of an evening 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Red

       /  March 10, 2012

      Glad you liked this one. I left the ride to the imagination. You should know by now, where we begin is often far removed from where we end. 😉 Mantra is a minx.

  7. Ah, I think this poem is about more than an amusement ride, and I think that life certainly has its share of ups and downs! I enjoyed this one Red and am glad the inspiration keeps coming for you.

    • Red

       /  March 11, 2012

      It is, Christy. The roller coaster image is so prevalent in what I write. Indeed, this poem’s carpe diem is a sweet rendition of the bucket list. Glad you liked this one.


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