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The Other Side of the Coin

Last week’s coin toss loser is featured tonight. Not to say this one is not deserving, but the celebratory nature of the other poem just happened to win out over one which flowed onto the paper sans writer’s block. Neither one is a close fit to what is normally featured on Mantra’s night.

Why don’t we move?

More recently, Mantra has decided my point of view is not from whence I should be writing. This shift in perspective marks a new period in my poetry and is reflective of the self-discovery theme of M3 on the whole.

The engagement of repetition is also new to my poetry, as I rarely write anything which resembles lyrical poetry… ever. While this one is not what I would consider song material, strictly by the subject matter and length, its cadence lends itself to a three-piece band with a serious bass line and paradiddles or rimshots. And now that my train of thought has left the track…

Finding the Way is the title. Where the way goes and why is the crux. Let’s journey on, shall we? The question at the end is not our usual bank of What did you feel? or What did you hear? There are plenty sounds and lots to feel (as in touch) in this one. I am seriously resisting the urge to poison your brains with textures, so if you would like to volunteer them in the comments… I am interested.

Consider the layers in this poem detours.

Can’t read the map…

Finding the Way

Holding tightly
But know not to what.
Squinting against
The glaring light.

Can’t read the map,
Its edge still furled.
Finding the way,
Skirting the fright.

Spectres moan,
And wolves bay harsh,
Seeking to feed
In the darkest night.

Running faster.
To where? Mystery.
Finding the way,
‘Neath the moonlight.

Going alone
To roll back the stone.
Feeling inside,
Absent the light.

Wrapping the shroud
Ever so tight.
Finding the way,
Making all right.


Tonight’s question is very simple: What is the way?

PS The poll is coming to a close. Please vote if you have not already. Your answers are very different from those I got in person…

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  1. I’ve read somewhere the statement: “Life is difficult.” This may sound pessimistic but it sure feels that way, especially when we’ve lost our way in our life’s journey. One of my favorite saints and poets, St. John of the Cross, refers to this as the “Dark Night of the Soul.”

    Difficult though it may be, the only thing to do during these moments is not to give up, and learn to listen to our own inner truth. And surely, sooner or later the clouds of darkness will begin to dispel.

    After winter comes spring, after the crucifixion comes the resurrection. We can always expect the light at the end of the tunnel….

    ~ Matt

  2. I have to say….when I read poetry, (not mine since I know what that’s about) I always connect it to myself. I guess I’m just selfish that way. It speaks to my insides, my soul. I think about my quest, if you will. I’m trying to become more than this wife and mother, who stays home. I need to expose myself and offer what I have (writing of course). I always make up excuses in my head that darken my way.

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