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The end of another week has come. We have spanned the gamut of useful, inane, kind and weird. So, how did it all play out in real life? Much the same way. Grab a cuppa, pull up a rocker and join me for a fireside chat. The Saturday Evening Post awaits.

M3 Creeping

Slowly the cast is reassembling. You may have even noticed some familiar faces and aliens about recently. With them come the additional wonderful and colorful comments. The level of conversation is increasing, which I find very encouraging.

The number of posts have begun to stabilize as I wrap up the last of the reconstruction. Most everything at M3 is back in functioning order. If you run into anything which does not take you to your expected destination, please do let me know, so I can fix it.

Hope no one minds me trying out a few new gadgets. There is one I am hopeful will work. I will wait to reveal it until I am sure it does. No sense getting anyone’s hopes up. To be certain, mine have been dashed quite a few several many times in the process.

Successes are all listed in Welcome Home!

Sunshine Optional

Around 1,500 of my closest friends have been party to one of the worst months in recent (and distant) memory. The long shadow cast across M3. There are a few who will not return based on the overall dour tenor of the posts in the last two weeks. As is my nature, I am wholly unapologetic. The vast majority who have moved to greener pastures were manure slingers in the first place. Their absence is to be celebrated.

Mantra appears to be coming out of her dark and dreary funk, so perhaps, the poetry will lighten up a bit so some of it can find its way here. Do not be surprised in the least to find more information about social media gaffes, inexcusable behaviors and trends in the near future. It all is the product of research into the new pages M3 will be inhabiting in the near future.


You are the best!

M3 has the greatest audience in the blogosphere. Yes, that even includes the widgets who comprise the Friday Follies. I have come to realize, were it not for them, I would be doomed to utter and complete sanity. You see, I use them for perspective. By knowing how devoid of humanity some (and I use this term really loosely–>) humans are, I may not appreciate the level-headed, open-minded M3 Readers who enjoy (or tolerate) this blog.

There is another large group I need to thank, tonight: The inbox visitors who raise the IQ. You have had some interesting questions, heartfelt responses and some really uplifting messages. Thank you.

Brain Picking

The poll is changing tonight, so if you have not, let me know what you do first thing in the morning. Yes, I left other there for you to tell me I completely overlooked your first thing. Feel free to write it in the blank. No one can see your answer but me, and if you email it to me, I definitely know it was you.

Right Turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

Real life has been beating up on quite a few people in my life these days. Things are hectic, even more so than usual. The days are getting longer and the bounce off of daylight savings time (do not get me started) truly makes for a schedule change. Explaining to the little ones it is time for bed when there is clearly still bright daylight outside the window is challenging.

We are in the final stages of detailing Big V’s wedding, lining up ducks for a trip home and already dreading the 24 hours of driving attached to such a venture. Should be an interesting trip. I will meet my new son-in-law in person for the first time.

When children marry, it brings myriad emotions to the surface. Most people readily identify the empty nest cache of emotions. I am not most people. (No snickering in the peanut gallery.) Since I do not foresee a time when my nest will be empty, I do not have the attachment issues many parents associate with the marriage of a child.

For me, it is the metamorphosis of wonder. I wonder:

  • How much smarter I will get in the eyes of my children as they face Mundania.
  • How often they will come to me for preemptive, rather than reactive, advice.
  • How to temper the emotions associated with the ends of relationships.
  • Which dynamic will rule their homes.
  • If I should keep a spare bedroom, just in case.

Now, I am not saying my children are in relationships headed for divorce court. In just over two weeks, two of my daughters will be married to men in the military. While I understand what goes into burying a spouse, I do not think the lessons I have learned transferred to my children from my perspective.

What does that mean?

Something else to write.

It means a book project which was shelved is being dusted as you read this post.

There are a few in the audience who rode the roller coaster with me. There are two in the audience who have been along for more than one ride on it. While this emotional journey is revisited, you may see a bit more of Mantra than is customary. She is usually singing something for the public whilst I deal with the heavier issues which populate my world outside the blogosphere.

Darkness is not the only thing on the menu. In fact, there is much hope and happiness for the future.

The poem I leave you with tonight is one which I know to hold truth in large quantity. Having someone believe in you is one of the most powerful fuel sources known to humanity. Even when faith in yourself is scarce, you can lean on the belief of those who love and support you for strength.

I wish you an enjoyable rest of the weekend and a bright new coming week. Thank you for sharing some time with me tonight.


I Believe In You

A welling of the soul
Comes when least expected.
The dam of will shores it
Behind inhibitions, fears of tears shed.
Yet, its strength is tenuous at best,
For it cannot withstand words said

In honesty, faith and unabashed gratitude.
The truth unleashes unconscious emotions
Long dormant in the mind’s attempt
To keep superior against their invocation.
Yet, once the words are passed,
The soul is freed in motion.

I believe in you.



What did you feel when your children married?

When was the last time you told someone you believed in them? Has anyone ever believed in you, especially when you did not believe in yourself? Think of someone in your life who could use a little faith. See if you cannot get in touch with them this week, even if it seems odd, to tell them you believe in them.

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  1. My kids will not get married for a long time, although I know it will come quickly. As far as people who have believed in me, well yes there are many people who have. As a side, there was a student a few years back who asked me what I really thought of him. I told him that I thought he didn’t take himself too seriously, but that if he did he would excel in the areas he felt inadequate in. His response: “really” As I write this, he is in the hospital, a year into his cancer treatments. I often think about that conversation because it was so strange, but it was an opportunity to speak into his life that might have made a difference…who knows?
    Derek Mansker recently posted..The Lego Jar (3/31/12) – Stories change, so do peopleMy Profile

    • Red

       /  March 31, 2012

      I have always been humbled by the people who come to me years later and say I said something supportive which was a turning point for them. I have great faith in other’s abilities. Unfortunately, I also have great faith in other’s ability to fail to fulfill their capabilities. I try to be as positive as I can. Some days it is difficult.

  2. Love the poem, thank you for sharing it.. I am actually not at all for my daughter getting married anytime soon… so if she were, I would support her as much as possible but probably be very wary.. I just see so much of what I have been through happening with her – not the good what..

    I have found a tremendous amount of support and am amazed at the people that believe in me – and say so when I need it the most- on my blog and have never had such an fantastic supportive group of people in my life at one time ever.
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..It’s a TP Problem – I Swear! Mid Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

    • Red

       /  April 1, 2012

      You are so welcome. I am glad you liked it. There are so very many fabulous people in the blogosphere. There is not wonder why I work here 😉 Glad to see you here tonight, Lizzie.

  3. Can't remember who I am

     /  April 1, 2012

    I felt that the majority of my work with my children was done. They are to start their own road that isn’t paved with gold. I have tried my best to stand by when needed but not to interfere with the life they are trying to make. They know I care and am here for them.
    Your poem is lovely. It is basically what my thought are when it comes to my children.

    • Red

       /  April 1, 2012

      Thank you, Cherie. I have stood on the sidelines, cheering when I could and bringing a stretcher when I needed one. It is the best we can do. By that stage, they have to revert to the skinned knee time where they learn it on their own. Thank you for your thoughts, and I am glad you liked the poem. <3

  4. First order of the morning is start a pot of coffee, then take the dog out to do her business, feed her, then get my tiny dog up for the same. I then feed them and now I can have an enjoyable cup of that brewed coffee.

    Just yesterday I told my oldest son I believed in him. He is struggling with his studying for a big test on the nervous system and was beginning to doubt himself.

    My husband tells me he believes in me from time to time. I tell him as well.

    I believe in you, Red. I believe that anything you set your mind to and believe you will do it…you will. You’re a powerful woman with brilliant ideas.

    Now, how come I don’t get notified of your posts anymore?

    Hugs, xx
    Deb recently posted..April What?My Profile

    • Red

       /  April 1, 2012

      Because, dear heart, your subscription remained with WP. They kept everyone. Click on the “Gimme Mine” button on the left sidebar or check the little “subscribe by email” box under your next comment…it should work. I truly have not tested it as rigorously as I have some of the other new gadgets. You will fill out the form and be on your way. I only email once per day. Since I am beginning the A to Z challenge today, it would be unkind of me to flood the inboxes who are receiving mail.

      I want a cuppa…. <3 Great to see you today, and I hope you have everything squared away and are settling in nicely. I love your getaway bungalow 😉 Mine is not a 5th wheel, but instead is a 33 footer that sleeps 8. Got an extra parking place??

  5. Seems everything’s just about in tip-top shape around here. Now for the treats. 🙂
    totsymae1011 recently posted..For Adult Play and FunMy Profile

    • Red

       /  April 1, 2012

      Great to see you this afternoon, Tots! I need to install a very large bowl of assorted chocolates and truffles beside the coffee maker. You don’t happen to know who else has a great recipe for Napoleon, do you?

  6. One wedding a year is enough for any family. What were they thinking?!
    Binky recently posted..Horse Sense vs. Horse SafetyMy Profile

    • Red

       /  April 1, 2012

      That they would ride the horse down the aisle?? I would love to only have one per year, but some years that is tough. I am one of ten and have ten…We are beginning to build the population of the island I expect Bear to get me for our fifth anniversary. 😉

      • You have ten siblings and ten kids? I can’t even imagine that. I think I need some chocolate.
        Binky recently posted..Horse Sense vs. Horse SafetyMy Profile

        • Red

           /  April 1, 2012

          Chocolate is a staple for all of us. Good thing we know it is not birth control 😉 Yes, I have five sisters and four brothers (+ me = 10). I have six daughters and four sons. Yes, there is an echo in here!

          • I still have a hard time imagining that. In two generations, you’d have enough to fill that island. And start a country!
            Binky recently posted..Cosmic InsignificanceMy Profile

          • Red

             /  April 2, 2012

            ROFL! We have two family reunions each year (and only the maternal side) because the national park we rent is not large enough to house all of us. We rent all of the motel/hotel rooms, campgrounds and RV parks for the 100 mile radius. The rule is, you have to commute if you live in the radius. Only those of us who live further away than that can come and stay 😉 Last year we had a little over 700 of us for the summer reunion.

          • Are you serious? 700? That’s not a reunion, that’s an invasion!
            Binky recently posted..Cosmic InsignificanceMy Profile

          • Red

             /  April 2, 2012

            Not in Texas…they have many more police than we have family who actually MAKES it to the reunion!!!

  7. When you mentioned riding in on a horse in reply to Binky I couldn’t help but think of Napoleon Dynamite on the horse… or was that on a Liger? Or was that Kip? Or Fabio? On a butter substitute? Clearly I’m a bit confused today.
    spilledinkguy recently posted..Pyrus No. 1My Profile

  8. Hey I missed this one Red, but I have enjoyed reading all the comments, even the bits with chocolate added and I love a bit of chocolate you know? 😉 I like your poem also my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Red

       /  April 2, 2012

      Everything is better with chocolate…Ask Binky! Thank you, Andro 🙂

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