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Extra Large Coffee CupEver been tired from doing nothing? What is it like? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The fans are blowing full tilt. Clyde has a quick one for you. Let’s talk.


I know the majority of the M3 Readers have taken a moment to stop by the Green Room and leave a link to their active blogs. Oh, my word! If you have not been to the Alumni Club recently, you are missing out on more than 15 new blogs.

If you are a newbie to M3 and the Green Room, here’s the skinny. Once ten people jump from M3 to your place, you get promoted to the Alumni Club. Since TGR is the official diving board around here, it is pretty commonplace for guys and dolls to find you there.

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M3's logo stands for engagement.

Did you miss M3 yesterday? It was an official reader day. In other words, a day to go through the recent posts or one of the many stops on the menu bars. Flash was hopping yesterday. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see if I still had a pulse.

Yesterday’s post was preempted in favor of becoming part of a series. It has nothing whatsoever to do with what we talked about on Tuesday, but everything to do with what we are going to be talking about in December. No more hints.


Apparently, a bunch of you missed these nearly as much as I have. There are some fabulous ones to come.

You are so creative!!! Some of the things you named them were striking, funny and dead on. Snakes? Really? If you have not named them, pop over and give it a whirl.

My names for them were:

Wordless Wednesday

  1. Blink. Blink. What?
  2. Radar on the Blink
  3. Hell’s Escalator
  4. Spiral Grater
  5. Wadded Fractal

Your favorite from this bunch was #2.

Wordless (after) Wednesday

  1. Hoo You Lookin’ At?
  2. Fire Sail
  3. Emperial Bow
  4. Pansy in Waiting
  5. Spring Vortex

Your favorite here was #3.

I have been cooking up some different fractal art. Consider it simmering on the back burner.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Have you ever spent time alone? What did you do with it? Clyde is chewing on something and only spitting out the little pieces. Here’s what we have so far.

Alone: Separated from others. Isolated.

Makes you wonder if the guy who puts the numbers in the definitions was off the day this one hit the dictionary. That should not be in one definition because separated from others and isolated do not always go hand-in-hand.

number 1Case #1

Mate has been married for 34 years. Spouse goes to work everyday. Spouse comes home, eats dinner, reclines and falls asleep in the chair. Mate wakes Spouse to go to bed. Perfunctory kiss goodnight averages about 45%. Mate is alone.

number 2Case #2

Parent raises a houseful of children. When the shoe is down to just a few children, Parent realizes the last adult conversation which did not include a recommendation for diaper cream, teenage-caused-grey-hair-making or grade school was prior to the birth of the middle one. Parent is alone.

number 3Case #3

Social Media Butterfly has 1,821 Facebook friends; 3,286 in circles; 6,492 Twitter followers and fourteen cats. SMB’s telephone has only made outgoing calls in the last three months. The last time SMB was dressed in anything fancier than matching pajamas was a trip to the doctor for a yearly examination, where the receptionist wondered if SMB had been around humans since the turn of the century. SMB is alone.

Being surrounded by bodies does not preclude being alone. Proximity is not the equivalent of connection.

Enter Ape

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

Someone who is blind will feel alone when put with someone who is deaf because between them they have no common communication. Are you the one who can see the other person in the room but cannot understand why they do not look your way when you sign? Or are you the person who can hear the other one move but cannot understand why they do not do not answer?

Ideologically, we make excuses. The shortcomings and handicaps of others become our parking validation: We were present. We can say we did our part by being the warm body. (Incidentally, were we sharing body heat? Otherwise, no dice.)

If you have ever been the blind or the deaf person, you may have considered the other to be (vain, self-righteous, an azzhat). You were doing your part to communicate without reciprocity. This person stood before you expecting you to come to them on their terms. Fancy that. So do you.

Tomato, Tomato

None of us wants to be alone, isolated from those we are close enough to touch, see, hear. Therein lies the common ground which transcends the shortcomings and handicaps. Why not stand on it?

It is enough to make an ape wonder.


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Are you blind or deaf? How do we change our communication to stop being alone in the proximity of the ones we want closer?

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  1. We can all communicate through touch. Touch tells us almost everything about the feelings behind the communication. Love, empathy, rage, and even indifference can all be communicated by touch. We live in a culture which seems to inhibit touching people we have just met or who move us beyond words. Some people cringe at the thought of being touched. Some people instinctively reach out. I have been the deaf person and the blind person, unable to communicate or understand. I grew up with an inhibition to touch people. Now, when I feel close enough emotionally, I do.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Interview with Poet Laurie ChildreeMy Profile

    • I have been inundated with those who do not touch and those who believe those who do touch are deviant (to the point of criminality). I find it shameful.

  2. Both, sometimes. We probably all are more than we’re aware.
    Binky recently posted..Courage, Bravery, and ChickensMy Profile

  3. Odd that I was pondering the same almost thing is it, when people are all around us, it can feel as if we are completely alone? We watch people and see they are together, familiar with each other..maybe witness a couple sharing a private joke and it makes the feeling worse than actually being the only one alone in the room. I wrote a poem once about staying in my room to feel less alone.. I am sure in my observations I have missed ..been blind and deaf to the other lonely soul in the crowd trying to get my attention, just as I have been the one yelling at the deaf and waving my arms in front of the blind. I once said we are never really alone if we allow one person to see who we really are..but truly if the person is not present amongst the crowd then we are indeed alone.. to touch or be touched a powerful remedy for the ache of loneliness that can seem never ending until the simple familiar act of a physical feeling validates our presence.
    Much love. ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Free SpiritMy Profile

    • That is where I am ATM. Hazard of living virtually. Too much time spent with NHI. xxx

  4. I think most have gone through being alone in a crowded room at least once.
    Makes being seen that much sweeter.
    El Guapo recently posted..Friday Foolishness – Achilles Heel EditionMy Profile

  5. I’m pretty much isolated given all my friends and family sold me out, but I have my web friends so I’m not completely alone! 🙂

    Given all I’ve been put through, the internet has been my life saver! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Saturday – Quiet day.My Profile

    • I have more than my share of virtual friends. It does not preclude my need for actual FAB involvement.

  6. Yes it is definitely enough
    to make an ape wonder 🙂
    I have enjoyed reading this
    one Red, but then I always
    find your postings excellent
    so nothing new there then 🙂

    BTW –

    Have you read my FTP on Coffee?
    I was just looking at the authors of
    this quarter and my coffee is missing
    and you know I always like a biscuit
    or three with mine 😉 Just kidding 🙂

    Side Note:

    There is a soap box
    somewhere that needs
    a rest and in doing so
    gives everyone else some
    respite too 🙂 lmao

    Have a wonderful day
    today Red, or else? 😉

    Andro xxxx

    • No clue how I missed it. The text was transcribed into the book. All fixed now. Hope you had a good weekend.

      • Yes it was a nice weekend Red and thank you for asking 🙂 Before I forget I will just mention that I will be taking some time out in July but I will be back after two or three weeks, just in case you wondered where I had disappeared to I mean 🙂

        Perhaps on my return I will start adding some new scripts and the like instead of the usual re-posts that I have been adding lately 🙂

        Right I will just add this and then I must zoom off again, I will be back on the morrow to catch up with you a bit though 🙂

        Andro xxxx

  7. By taking to heart the thing that interest them, rather than only self. 😉
    Deb recently posted..Fraz, His Brave Chicken, and the Trapped ZombieMy Profile

  8. Thankfully I am not alone online or at home.
    Bearman recently posted..Project Blue Collar – Sonny sings the BluesMy Profile

  9. When I was much younger ,I felt alone and lonely, cut off ,even while amongst friends or family. Now, I never do, no matter what the situation, and I have no trouble striking up a conversation over the most mundane subject with a stranger and both of us ending up with a good laugh.
    I happen to be a touchy-feely person too because we always hugged when I was growing up.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Hot Flash – WineMy Profile

    • I grew up with touching, so have never felt out of place to hug. Any more, I am trending toward strangers. xxx

  10. It’s interesting how we can still feel so alone in a room full of people. That happens to me often.
    Wendy Reid recently posted..30-Day Challenge: Day 3My Profile


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