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Venti LatteWhile The M3 Blog may have been quiet ground, the rest of the week shaped up to be exciting and exhausting. The snow only lasted ten minutes. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

The M3 Blog

This week saw the introduction to something I have been petitioned to do for a long time: the addition of memes and covers. I have been making covers on the sly for ages. I will be adding a page which will include them all, with instructions. I have two avenues…would you rather have them as downloads or as right-click-and-save?

More writerly posts are due up. One with which I have struggled… mainly because there is just no nice way to put it. Meh. It will go live sooner than I am ready for certain, but it will go live. Another is tips and tricks.

I am also taking requests. Stay tuned.


I am gearing up to release a new book on 01MAR13. It went to layout this week. Mantra has been a busy muse in more ways than merely the art I am producing at the moment.

Mantra’s Book of Shadows is a collection of dark poetry. Thus far, reviews contain the following words:





Soul gripping

Overall, I agree.Β Book of Shadows will be available in paperback, PDF, ebook and Kindle in the RedmundPro book store.

Perhaps, I can manage to add a stop on the Book Tour to include this new book as well. There are still two review copies available. If you would like to review MBS, let me know in the comments or in the SIB.


This week saw my reappearance on Google+. After a few months of arguing, I convinced Google, again, I was precisely who I claimed to be. Seeing my credit card helped. Once they realized I have all of their products in the same name, companies notwithstanding, my new G+ profile is live.

Alongside it, the Redmund Productions G+ page is also live. Stop by and follow along. As with all my social media connections, I will not be flooding your streams with adverts for my things, but supporting the many talented people who pass through both M3 and RP.


Red Dwyer Headshot

Normally, this is the space where I turn things over to our contemplative orangutan. Today, Clyde is taking a breather. Instead, you are left only with me.

This has likely been one of the toughest weeks I have survived in years. Rest your worry, no one in my immediate circle is dead. The highlight reel of this week has included all of the following:

  • Death of a Quaint’s husband (expected, sort of)
  • Inequity of trust
  • Planar levels of commitment
  • Ingratitude
  • Anniversary of death of someone I love and miss
  • Corporate stumbling blocks (boulders)
  • Minor technical difficulties
  • Code, computer and human
  • Pain
  • Termination of a business associate
  • Emotional turmoil for close friends
  • Attempted hacking
  • Denial of ability
  • Setback in cognitive development for my son
  • Helplessness due to a refusal to be helped

Why am I sharing this with you? It is necessary in the virtual world to occasionally remind everyone I am not bulletproof. Although I uphold the importance and necessity of friendship, camaraderie and social outlets, they are not all as uplifting as need be to erase reality from our lives.

Each of us deals with heartache, heartbreak and tragedy on emotional, personal and corporate grounds in our own ways. While the surface may look smooth, never assume the rip tide beneath the surface is not there. Often, the events which make us the strongest are witnessed by no one who judges us as weak, for those who see weakness in us have no concept of the power of the current we fight to stay the course.

Those you may see as weak may surpass your own strength should you take the time to know what they have survived.

Until next time,

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Stop by and connect with me and RedmundPro on Google+. I hope you have had a terrific weekend.

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  1. Please give a paragraph on what is the nature of this dark poetry. I know nothing on this. Is in anything like black(not race) humor ?

  2. Your list for the week makes me weak, Red. It’s overwhelming to read. I know you’ve heard it numerous times, but I don’t know how you do it because I’m slipping into the slower lane all the time.

    I know you are not bulletproof; you’re human. Please try not to do everything–and all at once–although you are wonderfully inspiring when you are in action.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – EcstaticMy Profile

    • I tend to take most everything in stride. When I need to stop, I do. The key to this is… I am still kicking on the other end of the week. It inspires me to do more. So much to do and so little time πŸ˜‰ Glad to see you, and thank you for the fabulous review! I am so glad you liked it. I cannot wait for the next set of words. We are going to have so much fun. I think your younger characters will have a ton of fun with them!

  3. It is good to remind us that you are human. I think this world of online profiles can paint a picture that is often not true. People might look at the pictures of my kids, or whatever, and think that I never have any issue. That is not true. I think it is good to share some of those things with readers because we can connect better with an author that way. — in my opinion

    I hope this week is a better one for you.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..A work in progressMy Profile

    • For me, not sharing the fact I struggle with some things is inauthentic. It is unreasonable for me to allow ppl to think I am impervious. This week will be better. It already is. Thank you, Derek.

  4. Wishing you a much calmer week, Red…
    having to wear kevlar can get pretty tiring after a while.
    spilledinkguy recently posted..Anna No. 3 (faux wet plate collodion)My Profile

  5. Spring is coming.
    A season of renewal and hope.
    And I hope this week is soon nothing but a bad memory in your rearview mirror.
    El Guapo recently posted..Trifextra – THE MOST IMPORTANT ENTRY EVER!!!My Profile

    • After the ignorant snow we had two days ago, I am ready for spring…or to move home. πŸ˜‰


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