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What a roller coaster week this has been. Snuggle in with a cuppa. The rain has slacked off, and the breeze is a bit stiff tonight. Clyde has a question, or three. Let’s talk.

No Daddy

Everyone who was around for Friday Follies last night got a good dose of the top end of the stupidometer. The SIB was equally as heavy with other such nonsense all night last night and into the morning this morning. No, I am not going to share. Suffice it to say, they are still holding the placard which states I, Red Dwyer, broke their FTP client. It is a classic example of Corporate Shoot the Messenger.


Despite the corporate nonfeasance shown by my host, the Redmund Productions forum is up and running. Yes, there are a few cosmetic errors which I still need to track down. So, shoot me. Some users will already notice some styling differences as the day has worn on. Eventually, the color scheme will change to better reflect RP, but for now, I am just glad it works.

Stop by and say hello. Answer a question. Distract me from plucking my eyeballs out creating fine print and legalese. No worries. Most of it is already contained here, and the rest of it is standard fare.

Oh, one thing. You actually do have to register to view the forum. Click on the Create an Account button at the bottom. The first stop is the Welcome post.

Apology & Thanks

There are many of you who have been faithful to M3 since you first scrolled past a post. I want to tell you sometime in the near future we will return to the fare which has populated these pages in months gone by. It will take me a while to get enough of my desk cleared to do as such. Until then, thank you for all the support you give in sharing posts with your friends, colleagues and social media.

Right Turn, Clyde!

I really truly do not care if you like what I have to say.” ~ Red Dwyer

This statement has been the underlying theme for the M3 Friday Follies, every email I have ever sent to a customer disservice representative and anyone who ventured a contrary, derogatory or condescending opinion of any project, product or production on which I have worked.

Except one.

My sister challenged me this week to stop giving a [expletive] what other people thought. You know I laughed, right? You know what else? She is right.

I have been dispensing the same advice she gave me for years. Why? It is really good advice. What is it about which I am being so protective? Mantra’s new book.

If you were here for some of the original poems shared on The M3 Blog, you were party to my reticence to such sharing. Even some of the poems in Mantra for a Muse were deemed inappropriate for M3.

Mantra’s Midnight is a book filled to brimming with poems which I am convinced are not appropriate for the M3 menu. As those who have read MFM can attest, the poems I withheld were not based on quality issues. The majority of the exclusive ones were far deeper than the ones which made their way here. Yes, it is possible.

A similar issue has arisen with M2. The darkness, which we have tangentially embraced on M3, is pervasive, as the title suggests. My question, which prompted Val’s response, was, “Do you think this is too dark?” Apparently, it was a question akin to asking if something was “too Dirty Harry“. It seems to be a candidate for the third-party-facepalm.

Enter Ape

Right turn, Clyde.

At the point I commit emotion, angst, anguish or memory to paper (or screen) necessarily I give up the right to privacy thereto. Knowing full well I retain the privacy attached to hoard said paper, I find myself loathe to share portions of it knowing it will arouse such feelings in others. This attitude can be veiled with humane compassion; yet, it is merely a façade.

You see, it is overtly humane to admit vulnerability and allow others to see it. In fact, it is a tacit endorsement for others to be vulnerable without shame. Living as we are without the fear of other’s reproach of our weaknesses, vulnerabilities and self-declared faults is the sincerest form of being true to oneself.

Until next time,

Red Signature


Is it merely self-preservation which drives us to hide our vulnerabilities? When we are willing to admit them to ourselves, why are we unwilling to broadcast them in an attempt to connect to others with them? Why do we not reach out to those who are vulnerable instead of retreating?

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  1. More power to you, Red! You have the right idea.

    I waited until I retired before I decided ‘gettingreal’ was better than pretending. Might I have matured my way into cutting the crap? Too bad I waited so long.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Awards? On My!My Profile

    • Very possibly. I cannot remember not being this way. I think things would have been really different for me had I done it that way.

  2. I guess I will have to check out this forum deal. Nicely done, though.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..I’ll Take The FallMy Profile


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