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Tag CloudIf you have been following the creative writing on M3 or are new to the story, Red has finally gotten around to making some order to the apparent failure of the search box, categories sorter and tag cloud. Feel free to comment with your suggestions to the name of the story.

There is no design at the moment as to how long the story will be, but in the event it reaches beyond novella length, it will likely become Red’s first classic fiction book. Thus far, it is not relegated to a more specific genre. Like everything else Red touches, it is not limited to a single facet.

  • How many romance books have a conspiracy theory surrounding an accidental looking murder?
  • How many crime fiction novels have twisted romance plots?
  • How many fiction books include forensic lessons?

So, the story is a mutt. Here is what you have so far, in order first to last:

Saved By the Bell

Please Leave

Not So Fast

Enter Reaper

Reaper Calls

The Briefing






Preliminary Reports

Secrets & Surprises


Decoy Delivered

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