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This has been a whirlwind week for me but a calm week for M3. Clyde has something to say, and a retort from last week’s SEP. We have books, posts, charity and other things to discuss. Snuggle in with a cuppa and let’s see where this leads, since the one of the first topics tonight is failure.

Much Gratitude

This was the first week where M3 hosted guest bloggers. I needed to get some work done which required more concentrated time than I had to offer it whilst posting here. To that end, MJ Logan, Lizzie Cracked and Cat Forsley came to my rescue and afforded me some much needed time off. I hope you will take a few moments to stop by to see what they had to say…literally and figuratively.

The invitation is important because, by the looks of trackers and stats, the vast majority of the M3 audience was under the impression when I wrote last week I would be writing elsewhere it meant M3 would be dark. One of tonight’s question is:

Why does anyone still believe that nonsense?

MAD Failure

In a week filled with various ups and mostly downs, MAD was a disaster this week. Those who did view it, were not all convinced it would make a difference or frankly could not have cared less. Whichever it was, it was the first MAD dud.

Reds Win

On the upswing, my guest post over at Red Tash’s blog was about you and Friday Follies. It was a success, judging from some of the reactions and some of the M3 Readers I found who commented over there. Many thanks again to Red for hosting me. If you have not picked up a copy of Troll or Derby please consider buying a paperback to help raise funds for March2Recovery. Red is donating half her proceeds. It is a good cause.

If the creek don’t rise….

Barring a catastrophe, one of my books will be available in the coming week. Based on how much this process drains me, a second will be shortly following. Provided I find at least one more pocket of time in the next month, a third and fourth will be out before the end of summer.

The book I was concentrating on finishing this week is far beyond the halfway point. It needs another edit before I can pen the ending. This is an idiosyncrasy on my part. I want the ducks in a row before I smash the first one in the bill. There are a few dimples in the story I need to iron out before I construct the coup de grace. For a complicated story, I was quite surprised to see who did not make it to the end. If you were reading along in the beginning, you will never see this coming. Never.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Right turn, Clyde.

If you were around last week, it took me a while to get to Clyde, but the question was really simple:

What does Leave me alone mean?

Your answers were varied, but very apt. Most all of them, in some way, embodied what I believe Leave me alone to mean. My version?

  1. Stay on your side of the fence.
  2. If you see me in public, look the other way.
  3. Pretend I am invisible.
  4. Do not send your progeny in your stead.
  5. Do not engage others to inquire about me.
  6. Do not speak about me.
  7. Do not enter my eyesight.
  8. My life is not for lease, loan or theft.
  9. If I am on fire, do not dial 911…I would prefer to die.
  10. Fuck off.

via Hallmark

Yes, I said that. It is apparent I need an interpreter and a translator. For some unbeknownst reason, Leave me alone was not clear to a throng of individuals in my life. Their continued voyeurism and incessant need to question those who are not under obligation to Leave me alone has once again resulted in a case of the red ass.

So, I have a few questions.

Would any of the following tip you off someone really wished you would leave them alone?

  • Telephone block.
  • Never visiting.
  • Never calling.
  • Never asking mutual friends about you.
  • Mutual friends telling you to leave the other person alone.
  • Looking the other way.
  • Walking the opposite direction.
  • Leaving places where you were encountered.
  • Email which says Leave me alone.

What if this had all been in place for more than six months? 


If you were following along in the comments on Lizzie’s Mental Moment, you would have been party to a back-and-forth between she and Cat postulating perhaps the synchronicity of their post was something I had planned. I gave them a Who me? line, but the fact of the matter was precisely…the whole thing was a plan.

Friends have a way of becoming part of our fabric. When the fabric is rent, the edges are not clean. Over time, they may even fray. Yes, the people I desperately want to Leave me alone are people I once called friends.

The end of friendship is allegedly difficult. It is far more difficult for some than for others. There are a choice few whose pragmatism leads them to end friendships when they are no longer viable. I am in that small group.

I am interested in what you have to say. As I close one of the busiest weeks of my career, I am disheartened, yet fulfilled. Until next time,

Red Signature

Answer any of the questions above in green and/or the following.

Is it necessary for the ends of friendships to be a long, drawn out affair? Are clean breaks possible? 

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  1. Laurie

     /  June 23, 2012

    entirely possible you walk away and never look back. although it is easier said than done when pesky emotions get in the way…….anyone that needs that many signs to go away is a complete idiot or utterly obsessed with you.

  2. Red, you’re so full of GO, it’s wonderful! This post was so varied & buzzed! 🙂

    I didn’t know you invite guest posts… But I ‘know’ Cat Forsely – she’s wonderful. I like her a lot, actually. She’s very pretty too!

    As for leave me alone. I love no. 10. That says it ALL. 🙂
    Noeleen recently posted..Sex, Drugs & Rock’nRoll is fine, butMy Profile

    • Welcome to the Saturday Evening Post. Clyde and I never make a smooth ride. #10 was the only way I could “name that tune” in less than three words 😉 Great to see you tonight, Noeleen! xxx

  3. I will not offer an opinion on Leave me Alone, you know what I think, though #10 does indeed say it all as would a swift boot in the hind quarters.

    I have just finally caught up with all the guest posts, all wonderful! Of course you know though life, all of it has ups and downs and this includes Blog life. I could be a snot and say get over it, or I could be your loving friend and tell you truthfully, this is the first week of summer, it is likely more to do with the season than anything else.

    Much love – Val
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Generations LostMy Profile

    • I have a long history of suck it up, so while I take the summer blues under advisement, I think what will set me off the funk is seeing the first of the books go online next week. Thank you for all your support this week…and every other week for that matter. <3

  4. Reds Win! I like hearing that coming from Cincinnati.
    Bearman recently posted..Editorial Cartoon: Mitt Romney IndecisiveMy Profile

    • When I wrote that, I wondered if you would be along to see it. I knew you would get a smile!

  5. Well we’ll always have Paris.
    Oh, wait, that wasn’t you!
    Binky recently posted..Smells Good, Tastes GoodMy Profile

  6. RED …. The Most important thing – that i have read so far tonight is that – YOU – Your Books are done soon …! YAHOOO ————-
    You see – we all need time alone – when i say – leave me alone – it means – either i am sooooooooo tired – and need my private me time …… or i am busy writing music and poetry –
    My view on last week is through all the guest posts –
    You got some You time ….
    and that – with all the editing you do whilst HERE -and writing Your own stuff !!!!! hello multitasking 🙂 ——— remember Thurs Night – ahhhhhhhhhhh Geesh- i learned a lot from that night …..!!!!!

    as for the hate mailer people – just send them a bar of soap for their mouths ,……. Grodiess leads to many a virtual shower……..I could make you an image for your site with a big bar of soap !!!!!!! Lol

    anyways ————– Keep on Truckin lady ……
    You rock …… Do Not let anything/ anyone discourage anything you want for your life and career…………
    ps- that’s a Friend speaking xoxoxo
    Have a beautiful rest of the night and pay no mind – Go with You heart xoxoxo

    huge hugs xo
    and always here even if i am alone timing !!!!!!!! loll xo
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Melted Cat has returned to solid Cat again !!!! And a Happy weekend To all!!!!My Profile

  7. Yes, clean breaks are possible.
    El Guapo recently posted..Trifextra Challenge – MMMMMM!!!My Profile

    • I always make them. I refuse to waste any energy on someone who will not be part of the daily landscape…

  8. Although number 10 works fairly well, it is sometimes more effective to tell the unwanted idiot that you need target practice.

    Then thank them for volunteering.

    MJ Logan recently posted..HeroMy Profile

  9. Hi Red! 🙂

    Getting rid of Doug was a case in point.

    Even though I had made it pretty clear to him that I wasn’t interested in him either as a friend or a sexual partner (Barf! LoL!) he still kept coming back whenever he felt the need, even buttonholing me in Middleton while I was shopping to tell me how he was no longer drinking and getting better etc. which he has said many times only to fall off the wagon again.

    In the end I guess #10 would be the ultimate message! 🙂

    Glad you’re getting along with your books – lots of luck my sweet friend! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Sunday – a visit to the churchMy Profile

    • Thank you, Pren! Somehow, your comment got skipped…stinking bugs. And good on you for ditching Doug. Ugh. They rhyme for a reason 😉
      Red recently posted..Creatively SpeakingMy Profile

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