S is for Sunshine

This week’s Saturday Evening Post is about daylight, sunshine to be exact. Sunshine is a wonderful concept. It is good for the flora, good for the body and good for the soul. As it turns out, sunshine is good for blogging and for friendship. How? Let me show you a couple reasons why the latter statement is true.

Three special bloggers have all added some sunshine to M3’s world:

Debbie Adams

Deb of Debbie Adams Art: A wonderfully talented artist whose work jumps to life. She has delightful dogs who also occasionally post to her blog. Stop by and meet Debbie, Cici and Cassie. You may even run across a few Wombies while you are there because Deb has adopted them as she did with the adorable pooches.

Sue Dreamwalker

Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary: Sue is an inspiring woman who takes us all on a beautiful journey through her poetry and thoughts about our world, our environment and our interactions with one another. She has a lot of wisdom to share from across cultures. Her passion runs very deep.

Wendy Reid

Wendy Reid

Wendy of Wendy’s Works: Wendy has a fabulous imagination. Not only is it an integral part of her fiction, but it is also a core to her infectious personality. She is far from a one-trick-pony. Her works are diverse and rich and entertaining and worth every word.

Each of these three bright women has awarded M3 the Sunshine Award. Each of them had a bit of a different take on the award, which makes them individual. Both Debbie and Sue awarded the classic award with the standard questions. Wendy’s was a bit of a twist. I am going to go one step beyond them all!

Sunshine Questions

The Sunshine Award has the following questions:

  1. Favorite color
  2. Favorite animal
  3. Favorite number
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink
  5. Facebook or Twitter
  6. My passion
  7. Giving or getting presents
  8. Favorite pattern
  9. Favorite day of the week
  10. Favorite flower

Some of you were around when Raven of Leyla awarded M3 the first Sunshine Award. Without cheating, think back to what I answered to the questions. You will see why a few sections down from here.

Slightly Different

In Wendy’s creative version of the Sunshine Award, I had to write a 100 word flash fiction piece incorporating sunshine. My entry into her contest is below:

“Another day of sunshine!” the annoyingly cheerful weather girl pronounced. He longed for the refreshment of a drenching rain. He kicked the dog in an attempt to make himself feel better. With a yelp, the mutt scooted out the doggie-door into the garden. Clyde recognized the familiar sound of earth hitting side of the house. He just hoped the mutt would not unearth his latest deposit. Certainly, it, like all the others, should never again see the light of day.

Seems Wendy thought it was up to snuff, even if I admit having a very, enormous problem with both flash fiction and 100 words. Even if you missed previous Sunshine Awards, remember this section. Keep reading.

Sunshine Secrets

Wendy’s version did not have the standard logo or the standard ten questions. Instead, she revealed five secrets about herself. I am going to go a bit further and reveal five secrets about me and sunshine.

  1. I can sunburn in less than 30 minutes in the sun.
  2. Although you cannot see how without a black light, I have freckles on my face. Under the light you can see the tiny white slices between them.
  3. No sunlight enters my bedroom.
  4. I move my laptop during the day to avoid the glare from the picture window I write beside.
  5. I want a completely solar powered home.

Are you ready to see how the three sections are going to come together?

Seamed Up

There are a few things I need you to do. See if you can recall or guess at least five of my answers to the ten Sunshine Questions. Then, write a 100 word flash fiction using the word sunshine.  (If you want, you can do one or the other. I would love to see who is going to do both!) Why? Oh, because it is fun. That’s why!


Depending on the rules for the various incarnations of this award, I need to award this to five to fifteen blogs. Rather than call you individually onto the carpet, I am going to do something different. If you fulfill one or the other requests from Seamed Up, you can collect the corresponding badge from above.

If you choose to do both, you can collect my variation on the Sunshine Award Badge.

Red's Version of the Sunshine Award

Who is feeling adventurous? Who will be first? How many will I give out?

The first two questions are up to the M3 Readers. The last question I can answer. I will award one to each blogger who stops by to participate. If you already have one, try it out just for fun. If you have not had one, grab one. If you want another one, by all means, give it go! Three ways to get one or get all three!

Everyone of you who comes to M3 is special. You are the blogs I follow, comment on, share, blog about, shine the spotlight upon, enjoy, brag about, use as examples, the list goes on and on. Each one of those things qualifies you for a Sunshine Award. You are the reason I blog and cruise the blogosphere. You let the sunshine into my world.


We are in nearing the home stretch of the A to Z Challenge. Next week, the final letters will be revealed. If you visit the link at the beginning of the paragraph, you will not be transported to the A to Z site. Instead, you will go to the directory of the A to Z posts on M3.

Be sure to visit the three lovely ladies who are responsible for tonight’s award show: Debbie, Sue and Wendy. You will instantly know why I haunt their blogs. Be sure a link to your blog is in the M3 Green Room so others can find you, too!

This is Red, your captain speaking. I hope you have enjoyed this little deviation from our regularly scheduled Saturday evening programming to let in a little sunshine. I have extinguished the no smoking sign, and you are free to move about the cabin. Until next week’s Saturday Evening Post, enjoy. xxx
Red Signature


Please vote in the poll, as I will be taking it down before the next post. I am looking forward to your answers and your flash fiction. Have a wonderful rest of the evening/morning!

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