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Whilst I was convalescing, I missed a deadline. To be honest, I missed the assignment, so I am completely self-forgiven for having missed the deadline. A bit over a week ago all the troops from the Blogging A to Z Challenge were supposed to put up a summary of sorts to let the audience know […]

Z is for Zener

Do you know someone you are convinced has extrasensory perception (ESP)? Is it you? Zener cards are a fun way to test your ESP abilities. Want to give it a whirl in the last post of the A to Z Challenge?

Y is for Yerkes-Dodson Law

Since its inception in 1908, numerous studies have verified the Yerkes-Dodson Law with many variables. It provides a neurobiological explanation for amnesia. So, what is the Yerkes-Dodson Law?

X is for Xenophobia

Letter X

Xenophobia gets a bad name from those who fail to understand is it not racism. Racism is based solely on ancestry, race and ethnicity. Xenophobia is far more and many times far less. It includes the strange and the different. What do you know about xenophobia?

W is for Wisdom

Before you conjure pictures of owls, stacks of ancient tomes and philosophers in togas, know we are going to look at a lesser known version of wisdom. Discovery is always fun. Did you have any idea being able to discover is wisdom? Yes, we are going to tie all the alphabetic posts together. Neatly.