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The Jetty

We took a walk last night. Tonight, let’s go somewhere completely different. How many of you like the beach? Do you prefer to sit on the sand or do you like to sit out on the jetty to watch the ships?

Groom’s Tale


In keeping with poetry which comes from a perspective other than that of my own or Mantra’s, this poem is not the typical M3 slice of life, but does bring life squarely into focus.

Happy Birthday, Virginia.

Mantra is quiet today.  Happy birthday, my tiniest angel. I wish you could have stayed. © Red Dwyer 2006-2012 Image copyrighted. All rights reserved. No use authorized. Reblogging of this or any other post on The M3 Blog is expressly forbidden. Copyright and Privacy Policy available in The Office.

Punt an Ostrich

Time to face the fear. Whether you fear or merely have a healthy respect for death or failure, facing the music is the only way to overcome them and live better. Reality It is a tough place to live. Rose-colored glasses make lots of situations look better than they truly are, but in the end, […]

I ain’t escared.

Grim Reaper

Fear. One of the strongest four letter words in your vocabulary. Take a guess which fear listed below is the most common. Come on…do it before you read the rest of the post. I have a surprise in store and I am not publishing the results of this one. You will find out what all […]