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What’s your level?

We have discussed the fear of failure. Today, we are going to discuss the acceptance of failure. What are the odds? Before we get to accepting failure, we need to look at the probability we will have to accept failure. For the purposes of this discussion, failure is the unsuccessful attempt to procure, engage in […]

Punt an Ostrich

Time to face the fear. Whether you fear or merely have a healthy respect for death or failure, facing the music is the only way to overcome them and live better. Reality It is a tough place to live. Rose-colored glasses make lots of situations look better than they truly are, but in the end, […]

And the loser is…

Yesterday, we discussed thanatophobia. Fear of death is classified as a fear of an event. Can you think of another event people commonly fear? War Wedding Funeral Public speaking Job loss Court appearance Evaluation/ examination Doctor/dentist visit None of these top the list for fear of an event. Failure Arguably, some of the event fears […]