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Ultra Maroon Architecture

The stupidest inbox in the blogosphere was leaning to one side when I opened it. Care to see what is inside? Grab your stress ball and put your drink back in the kitchen to avoid spitting and spilling. It is time for Friday Follies!

Penny Postage

It is time to open the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere, since it is bursting at the rivets. Buckle up for 25th edition of the Friday Follies. Stow your drink out of reach. Your program will begin as soon as everyone returns from the restroom and is seated. Silence is neither required nor suggested.

You Kiss Your Mother…

…with that mouth? Not often, even in the Academy Awards version of the Friday Follies, do I get an hatemail where when I delete the profanity there are not enough words left to make sense of the email. In a love note from a man in Michigan, I was introduced to the misspellings of expletives which […]

Saturday Evening Post

What a whirlwind week it has been. Wasn’t yesterday Tuesday? (consults crayon, glue and apple calendar.) No? *Sigh* On a brighter note, that means tomorrow is Sunday. (Yes, I am a candidate for Mensa.)