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Guest Post: To Review… Or Not

This is another question from the guest post hat. Janet (of BuddhaKat fractaliciousness) found one which grabbed her fancy.

Writer’s Spotlight: Janet Russell

Fractal Dreams Cover

Claret stopped by and set a stripped quadro-iced toffee nut venti breve down by the Mardi Gras tree on Janet Russell‘s table. Red was crumbling the cinnacrystals on the top of a chocolate loaf. Claret was not sure why she was repeating the same pattern, but figured it had something to do with the whispers […]

Does the “e” invalidate?

Inhabitants of the blogosphere, social media and virtual reality form friendships with people across the globe. The barriers to friendship which exist in person are often overlooked because they never come up in conversation or ignored altogether as irrelevant. Janet took the time to look at, and give you a look into, her e-friendships. It […]