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Dear Small Business Owner

A Month of Letters

Small businesses make the economy work.

Clyde on the Dumbreader’s Internet

The M3 Blog Readability

One would think great primates would not have opinions about the readability of the Internet. One would not have met Clyde.

Clyde on Spam

Spammers are not new to M3. In fact, the spam filters keep more than 3,000 comments per month from my sight, while Akismet blocks as many as 10-20,000 per month. Clyde is a vegetarian, so what do you think he has to say about spam?

Saturday Evening Post

We are going to try on an Olympic version of the SEP, since this week has been filled with success and amazing events. Put on your speed reading glasses because I am typing rather quickly. Grab your cuppa and snuggle under the fans. The rain has stopped for now and the mosquitoes are not buzzing.

Saturday Evening Post

What an utterly bizarre week. The end of the week has come, and I feel certain I accomplished nothing at all. Yet, I have proof to the contrary. Fever is a terrible thing, which is closely followed by anesthetic on the list of things I would prefer to avoid at all costs. Clyde is back. […]